Bikes on the Train

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Caltrain riders are encouraged to park bikes at Caltrain stations or use bike share when feasible as many trains are at standing room only capacity during commute hours and there is limited bike space available on the trains. The busiest trains may reach capacity and not be able to accommodate more bikes. Please arrive early to prepare for this possibility.

  • Cyclists should prominently display bike destination tags to indicate where they are getting off the train.

  • Bike tags are used to let other bike passengers know at which station you will be disembarking, helping cyclists stack bikes in an organized manner so bikes destined for nearby stops are easier to access.

  • Riders can request a tag from the conductor or create one (PDF) and attach it their bike in a place that can be readily seen by others.

Note: Caltrain may alter the rules/guidelines at any time, as necessary.

  • The conductor, at his or her discretion, may decline transportation or revise the handling of bicycles due to
    - crowded trains,
    - bicycle condition,
    - or unsafe conditions.

  • Bikes are not allowed to be locked to the train.

  • Passengers with bikes board first on designated bike cars.

  • There is no charge to bring a bicycle on board.


  • Cyclists are legally responsible for
    - any damage to the train's equipment
    - and/or for any injury to other passengers or train personnel
      as a result of the cyclist's negligence.

  • Caltrain is not responsible for
    - any theft
    - or damage to bicycles
      while on the train.

Caltrain currently has two types of diesel trains:

  • Gallery trains have two bike cars and are limited to 40 bikes per bike car (80 bikes total per train)

  • Bombardier trains are, under normal circumstances, six-car trainsets, equipped with three bike cars;
    however, due to the pandemic and current ridership, Caltrain is running five-car trainsets with two bike cars.
    At this time, all bike riders have space in the two bike cars and there is space for more.
    Caltrain will continue to monitor evolving COVID-19 requirements and ridership demands.
    Thank you for your patience during this time.

  • Look for the yellow Bike Car sign near the doors indicating which train cars allow bikes on board. 


If you have been "bumped" from a train (not allowed onboard due to overcapacity), please use the online form below. This generates real-time tweets to aid other cyclists and assist Caltrain in determining trends.