Bike Parking


Caltrain currently offers a variety of bike parking options from full-service bike valet to e-lockers and bike racks. Learn what’s available at the different stations and what Caltrain is doing to improve bike parking and access.

Current Facilities

On-demand, eLockers are a secure place to leave your bike. Multiple people may use eLockers as available. More than 300 e-locker spaces are available at 22 Caltrain stations, with more installations coming soon. The standard rate is 5 cents per hour. The rate for night and weekend use at Caltrain-owned eLockers is 2 cents per hour.

How to Use eLockers
  1. Step: Sign up for a BikeLink account at
  2. Step: For ease of access, link your BikeLink account with Clipper
  3. Step: Access an eLocker using your Clipper Card or a pre-paid BikeLink card (watch a video on how to use an e-locker)

Another option to access eLockers is the BikeLink app, which is now available from Google and Apple.

How do I get my free 100+ hours?

Once your BikeLink and Clipper accounts are linked, use any Caltrain-owned eLocker to receive your 100+ FREE hours.

The Caltrain San Francisco bike valet is open. Free weekday valet bike parking is offered at the San Francisco Station. For more information on hours, overnight rates and special services such as bike repair, visit Bike Hub.

Self-park in a controlled-access, secure bike parking room. Rates vary as service is offered by different vendors or cities. See which stations have shared parking rooms available.

Bicycle racks are located at all stations, except College Park and San Martin. For tips on how to lock a bike to minimize theft, visit the bike safety and security page. Do not lock your bike to railings, furniture, trees, poles or other fixed objects because it could impede access for others.


In November 2017, the Caltrain Board adopted the Bicycle Parking Management Plan, which recommends a set of management and administrative reforms and implementation strategies to optimize the performance of Caltrain’s bike parking system. Learn more

In May 2022, Caltrain installed eLockers at Menlo Park Station, making it the twenty-second station to have safe and secure bicycle eLockers. Join the community to stay informed on the latest updates.