Scooters offer an efficient and sustainable mode of access to and from Caltrain, and scooter use is growing in popularity. Below are just a few tips and guidelines for riders who use scooters for their first last/mile solution.

Scooter-share programs--where individuals can use a shared scooter on a short-term basis--are thriving in San Francisco and San Jose, offering riders an easy first and last mile solution to their commute. See which stations and cities have bike and/or scooter-share programs. Scooter Share Availability

Caltrain encourages the use of scooter share; however, for those who need to bring their scooter on the train, find out how to load and store scooters onboard, obtain a destination tag, and review the rules and guidelines.

Each month a number of scooters end up in Caltrain’s lost and found. If a scooter is stolen or missing, first call the Transit Police at 1.877.723.7245. Riders are then encouraged to fill out a lost and found report. Include as much detail as possible, such as the make, model, serial number, color, and any defining characteristics of the scooter.

Riders who bring scooters onboard are legally responsible for any damage to the train's equipment and/or for any injury to other passengers or train personnel as a result of negligence. Caltrain is not responsible for any theft or damage to scooters while on the train.