Scooters offer an efficient and sustainable mode of access to and from Caltrain, and scooter use is growing in popularity. Below are just a few tips and guidelines for riders who use scooters for their first last/mile solution. 

Scooter-share programs--where individuals can use a shared scooter on a short-term basis--are available at a variety of stations offering riders an easy first and last mile solution to their commute.

Caltrain encourages the use of scooter share; however, for those who need to bring their scooter on the train, Caltrain encourages use of scooter models that can be folded and stored under seats. Find out how to load and store scooters onboard, obtain a destination tag for or use in the bike car, and review the rules and guidelines.

Note: Caltrain may alter the rules/guidelines at any time, as necessary. 


  • The conductor, at his or her discretion, may decline transportation or revise the handling of bicycles/scooters due to crowded trains, bicycle/scooter condition, or unsafe conditions. 

  • Riders must lift and maneuver their own bicycle/scooter onboard the train without causing a hazard to other passengers. Conductors may not assist with bicycles/scooters onboard the train. The use of personal ramps or other loading devices is prohibited 

  • Bikes/scooters are not allowed to be locked to the train. 

  • There is no charge to bring a bicycle/scooter on board. 


  • For safety reasons, bicycles/scooters cannot be taken on escalators and must not be ridden in train stations, on station platforms or ramps. 


  • Passengers with scooters must be able to load and unload their scooters, without assistance and without causing a hazard to other passengers. 

  • In order to reduce delays, the first riders boarding with scooters should move in as far as possible so others have space to board the train. 

  • Stack scooters so that scooters with nearby destinations are accessible. 

  • Please note passengers with bicycles board first on designated bike cars. 

Folding Scooters 

  • Folding scooters must be in the folded position prior to boarding and must remain under the control of the owner while on board. 

  • Folding scooters can accompany a person to a seat if it is small enough to fit between the legs of a seated customer, can be stored under the seat, or placed in the luggage racks provided by Caltrain. 

  • Folding scooters may not be placed on seats and must not block aisles, stairs or vestibules. 

  • Folding scooters may not be stored in the space reserved for passengers wheelchairs. 

  • Folding scooters that are not in the luggage car must remain folded until the passenger has fully left the train. 

  • Dirt or grease from folding scooters must not be transferred to the interior of the car, other passengers, or crew members. If the scooter is dirty, it must be placed in a bag to prevent soiling of the rail car. It is at the conductors' discretion to reject the boarding of a folding scooter that they determine is not protected and appears to be greasy or dirty. 

Non-Folding Scooters 

  • Electric or manually operated non-folding scooters are permitted on Caltrain. 

  • No fuel-powered scooters are permitted. 

  • Non-folding scooters should be parked in the bike car, parallel to the bike racks and secured with a bungee. 

  • Non-folding scooters should prominently display a destination tag to indicate where they are getting off the train (tags are used to let other scooter/bike passengers know at which station you will be disembarking, helping riders to stack scooters/bikes in an organized manner so scooters destined for nearby stops are easier to access. Riders can request a tag from the conductor or create one (PDF) and attach it the scooter in a place that can be readily seen by others). 

  • Scooters must not protrude into the aisle. 

  • Large, bulky attachments which expand scooter width, such as saddlebags, baskets, backpacks or briefcases, are not allowed. 

  • Scooters must have no protrusions which could cause injury or damage. 

  • Scooters must be kept clean and free of excessive dirt and grease. 

Each month a number of scooters end up in Caltrain’s lost and found. If a scooter is stolen or missing, first call the Transit Police at 1.877.723.7245. Riders are then encouraged to fill out a lost and found report. Include as much detail as possible, such as the make, model, serial number, color, and any defining characteristics of the scooter. 

Riders who bring scooters onboard are legally responsible for any damage to the train's equipment and/or for any injury to other passengers or train personnel as a result of negligence. Caltrain is not responsible for any theft or damage to scooters while on the train