Sponsorships and Community Partnerships


Thank you for your interest in partnering with Caltrain!

Caltrain is committed to enhancing the well-being and vitality of the communities we serve. To further this commitment, Caltrain proudly sponsors and/or participates in a number of activities and events each year.

If you are seeking sponsorship, please follow the process outlined below. 

Additional Information for Applicants

  • All applications are encouraged to be submitted at least eight weeks prior to any recognition or print deadline. 
  • Multi-year commitments will not be considered.   
  • The Sponsor should plan to manage any event logistics. Caltrain will manage the specific Caltrain staff support, not the event logistics. In other words, if an organization receives sponsorship from Caltrain for an event the responsibility for organizing the event will be theirs.
  • Caltrain does not allow its employees to solicit suppliers, vendors or partners on behalf of applicants.
  • Event sponsorship funds may not be used retroactively. 
  • Event sponsorships are awarded at the discretion of Caltrain. 
  • The utilization of the name and likeness of Caltrain is strictly limited to designated events and materials furnished directly by Caltrain. Any intended usage beyond the initially delineated scope is subject to prior consultation with Caltrain.

Contact Information 

For any questions, please email CaltrainGCA@caltrain.com 


Submit Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship requests must be submitted through our online application process, which you can complete here: 

Apply Now

Please note, a confirmation email will be sent to the email provided in the application and an additional notification will be given once a decision has been made. Please allow up to eight weeks for our review process.