Clipper® is a reloadable fare payment system used to store a Caltrain Monthly Pass and/or cash.

Passengers using Clipper on Caltrain will benefit from additional discounts compared to buying tickets from the station ticket machines.
See a list of fares.

The Clipper validators at Caltrain stations (see left) read your digital wallet, the Clipper app or physical card to see if you have a current Monthly Pass, or deducts the cost of a trip or ride from your card.

Clipper cards can be purchased at or Clipper's retailers such as Walgreens or at the Caltrain office in San Carlos. Virtual/digital Clipper cards are available on the Clipper mobile app.

Youth and senior cards are free.
If you are purchasing a youth or senior card, you must complete the application. 

Customers with disabilities applying for a Regional Transit Connection Discount Card need to complete an application and have their photo taken at a transit office, see link.

Clipper is accepted on most San Francisco Bay Area transit systems.

Top Tips for Smooth-riding with Clipper® on Caltrain

  • All Caltrain customers must have $1.25 cash on their Clipper cards (physical  at all times. Cash value may be added immediately at transit agencies, retailers, BART ticket machines and Add-Value machines. If loading online or via the telephone, funds won't be available on the card for 3 to 5 days.
  • Tap the card or your mobile device on the Clipper validator screen until you hear a beep. Be sure the validator is located on Caltrain’s platform. For troubleshooting, please see our FAQs page.
  • Cash customers must tap on and off for each trip. Card validators are located on Caltrain platforms, except at San Francisco (on the concourse).
  • Monthly Pass customers only tap on & off for first trip of the month. If you loaded your card at a retail vendor (such as Whole Foods or Walgreens) or a Clipper Add-value machine then you don't need to tap, (the pass was loaded when the card physically interacted with the Clipper terminal).
  • Monthly passes must be tapped on and off by the 15th of the month, including for Autoload customers.

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