Regional Transfer Discounts


Muni is San Francisco's network of buses, light rail, streetcars and cable cars. Transfer to Muni within one hour of tagging off Caltrain for a 50-cent discount (off the Muni Adult cash value), but remember to tag on/off Caltrain to qualify. Consider the Adult Muni-Only "M" Pass for frequent Muni riders. 

If you transfer to Muni within an hour of tagging off on Caltrain using cash value or a Monthly Pass with a Zone 1 origin or destination, you will automatically receive a 50-cent discount off the Muni Adult cash value fare. You must tag on and off on Caltrain - even if you have a Monthly Pass - to receive the discount on Muni.

Note: Caltrain customers taking 18 roundtrips or more on Muni each month may want to buy and load an Adult Muni-Only "M" Pass on their Clipper card.


VTA: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) provides bus, light rail and paratransit services for Santa Clara County.   

VTA (Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority) Clipper Customers who tag their valid Caltrain Monthly Pass on a VTA Clipper reader get a local fare credit for bus and light rail services. This means youth and seniors ride VTA Express buses for free, while adults pay just $2.50 using cash value on Clipper. 

SamTrans If you have a two-zone or greater Caltrain Monthly Pass, you can enjoy free local rides or receive a local ride credit on SamTrans buses at any time. Explore more on the SamTrans Inter-Agency Transfers page. 

The Dumbarton Express Caltrain Monthly Pass holders with two zones or more can score a transfer credit equivalent to a local fare for Dumbarton Express buses.