Ticket Types

One-way Ticket

Valid for use within four hours of the date and time sold. One-way tickets will be honored for one-way passage away from the point of origin, including stopovers/transfers, within the zone limits.

Day Pass

Day passes are honored for unlimited travel within zone limits. Valid for use through the last train on the service day on which sold.

Caltrain is offering a joint adult Caltrain + VTA Day Pass. The Caltrain portion is valid to Zone 3 - perfect for customers heading to Levi's® Stadium or Great America – and costs an additional $7.50 compared to a Caltrain Day Pass. The joint pass is valid on Caltrain through the last train of the night and on VTA local buses and light rail until 3 a.m. Adult passengers traveling from a VTA local bus to a VTA express bus will have to pay a $2.50 surcharge (VTA Express service information).  The pass should be purchased at your boarding station, not at Mountain View.

Monthly Pass

The Monthly Pass, available only on the Clipper® card, is valid for use for the calendar month for which issued. Monthly passes are honored for unlimited weekday trips between zones indicated on the pass. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the pass is honored for unlimited trips between all zones.   Right now Monthly passes are 20% off (promotion valid through June 30, 2025).

Ticket sales start on the 21st of the month and stop on the 15th of the month that the pass is valid.  Monthly passes must be tagged by the 15th of the month to activate them, including Autoload customers.  Note:  If you loaded your card at a retail vendor (such as Whole Foods or Anchor Drugs Pharmacy) or a Clipper® Add-value Machine then you don't need to tap (the pass was loaded when the card physically interacted with the Clipper® terminal).

The Caltrain 2+ Zone Clipper® Monthly Pass functions as a SamTrans and VTA monthly bus pass for all non-premium routes.

Zone Upgrade Ticket

Valid for use within four hours of the date and time sold. Zone Upgrade tickets are valid only when accompanying another valid ticket (One-way, Day Pass or Monthly Pass) and cannot be used alone. The Zone Upgrade ticket will be honored for one-way passage for additional zones purchased beyond the original ticket's zone limits. The Zone Upgrade ticket's validity period does not supersede the original ticket's validity period.

Clipper® START for Qualified Riders

The Clipper® START program offers a 50% fare discount for adult low-income Caltrain riders. To learn more and apply for the discount, visit the Clipper® START website.


Senior / Disabled / Youth / Medicare Cardholder

Full fares will apply to all customers 19 years of age or older except those who qualify for an Eligible Discount ticket, which is approximately 50 percent of the full-fare price.  Conductors and fare inspectors may request proof of age or eligibility.


Senior: customers 65 years of age or older.

Disabled: Customers with disabilities may ride for the eligible discount fare when they present one of the following:<

  • Regional Transit Connection Discount Card
  • A current Disabled Person Placard Identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • A valid transit discount card issued by another California transit agency which is equivalent to the RTC Discount card
  • Medicare card holders

For information on RTC cards,


Conductors may ask to see proof of eligibility or identity.

Youth: customers 18 years old or younger. When one or more children four years old or younger are accompanied by one paying adult, only one child will travel free of charge. All other children must travel on Youth tickets.

Medicare cardholder: customers who have a Medicare card.


Employer/Residential-sponsored annual pass that offers unlimited rides on Caltrain through all zones, seven days a week for one low annual cost.

Visit the GoPass page.

Group Sales

Travel together for field trips or with a big group of friends at a 10 percent discount over regular fares.

Visit the Group Sales page.