Program Overview

Caltrain Electrification will electrify the corridor from San Francisco Caltrain Station to the Tamien Caltrain Station. Electrification improvements include converting diesel-hauled trains to electric trains, increasing service to six trains per peak hour per direction, and maintaining operating speed up to 79 mph.

The primary purpose of Caltrain Electrification is to improve Caltrain system performance and curtail long-term environmental impacts by reducing noise, improving regional air quality, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Electrification improvements will better address Peninsula commuters’ vision of increased service and improved travel times in an environmentally friendly and reliable way. These service improvements are also expected to help accommodate increased system ridership through improved system operations. Sign up to receive the latest updates on Caltrain Electrification.

Caltrain Construction Caltrain Electrification Construction activities are underway! Get the latest updates.


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