Staying Aware Is Staying Safe

Caltrain is getting an upgrade: out with diesel, in with electricity! While this change means big improvements for the Caltrain community, it also means new electric overhead wires will be installed to power the new trains. The new electric trains are also much quieter than the diesel trains. Learn more about staying safe around the new wires and trains below.


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Safey Tips


Wait for the Gate

Always wait for the gate

Even if you can't hear the new trains coming, make sure to wait for the gate to fully rise and look both ways before crossing.

overhead wires

Be mindful of overhead wires

Caltrain’s electric overhead wires carry 25,000 volts of electricity and can be dangerous. Never approach overhead wires with things like ladders, antennas, balloons, and most importantly, yourself!

Stay away from damaged wires

If you see a downed or otherwise damaged overhead wire, stay at least 25 feet away. For emergencies or suspicious activity on Caltrain, call the Transit Police at 1.877.SAF-RAIL (1.877.723.7245).

Fun Facts



Modernizing the corridor

51 miles of the corridor will have electric overhead wires between San Francisco 4th and King Station and San Jose Tamien Station.

Powering Caltrain’s future

Powering Caltrain’s future

Caltrain’s new trains will run on electricity provided by the overhead wires.

Enjoy cleaner air

The electric overhead wires improve air quality by eliminating the need for diesel engines.

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