Burlingame Station

Zone 2



Mini-High Platform Project
Effective Dates
July 17 – Aug. 31, 2024

Contractors are prepping for the installation of accessible ramps known as mini-highs at Burlingame Station on the northbound and southbound platforms. Passengers will still be able to use the platform, including passengers in wheelchairs.

Passengers will not be able to board the trains at the most northern end of the platforms.

Currently, passengers in need of mobility assistance use manual wayside lifts at these stations to board the train. The new mini-high ramps will provide accessible service to people who use a wheelchair, mobility device or are unable to use the train stairs.

290 California Drive, Burlingame 94010

2 Public Telephones

Station Amenities



  • Wheelchair accessible

Bike Info

  • 13 Bike racks
  • On demand BikeLink e-lockers


  • 68 spaces; pay through ticket vending machine.
  • Burlingame City pay parking (street side of lot)

Ticket Vending Machine

  • 2 machines


Caltrain makes being sustainable easy.  Customers are encouraged to place paper, glass/cans, food and trash in the same waste container.  The contents make their way to Newby Island Resource Recovery Park where machinery and trained staff sort all contents for appropriate recycling or landfill.

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