Unleash the power of unlimited travel. Whether you're a company, school, or city, the GoPass offers qualified organizations boundless journeys across all zones, seven days a week, for just $275 per user per year, or $99 per user per year for students. With our all-in pricing structure, it’s the ultimate perk for everyone who needs a ride. The GoPass is not available for purchase by individuals. 


Business-Class Commuting, Economy-Class Pricing

Imagine a commute as seamless as your workflows. With GoPass, your employees and coworkers get unlimited rides, seven days a week—taking the stress out of the commute. It’s the ultimate perk. All employees must be enrolled in GoPass per worksite; terms and conditions apply.


Value-Driven Mobility: At just $275 per user per year, GoPass offers a cost-effective transit solution that won't break the bank. 
Ease of Access: Forget ticket lines and payment complexities. With a simple tap on with your Clipper Card, your team is good to go! 
Inclusivity at Scale: Whether you're a startup or a corporate giant, you're eligible to ride the wave of unlimited travel. With our all-in pricing structure, everyone gets a ride. 
Unlock the Bay Area: Strategically located on the Peninsula, Caltrain with GoPass becomes an extension of your workspace—get more done while on the move. 
Socially Responsible: Lower your company’s carbon footprint while elevating employee benefits – and ask your GoPass sales representative about current state and local tax incentives. 




GoPass for Students is their ticket to freedom

At just $99 per student per year, GoPass is the ultimate money-saver. Forget about gas prices or parking permits; hop on Caltrain instead. Students, tell your administration to enroll in GoPass!  The GoPass is not available for individual purchase.


Education Unlimited: Get from point A to the rest of the Bay on GoPass. With unlimited rides, students can easily access nearby cities, internships, or even go on weekend getaways. 
City Hall to Lecture Hall: No tickets, no fuss! Students can tap their GoPass-enrolled Clipper Card and ride from Gilroy to the Golden Gate.  
Inclusivity for All: Whether you're a small community college or a large university, GoPass is accessible for educational institutions of all sizes.
Campus Sustainability: Enhance your school's green initiatives by encouraging eco-friendly transportation options. A win for you, a win for your students, a win for the environment.

Contact Us

Email us at b2b@caltrain.com or give us a call at 650.508.6292 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, to speak with a sales representative about how we can work together to get your organization on the move. View detailed Terms and Conditions here.

Current Participants

Current GoPass on Clipper Participants and riders, please visit www.caltrain.com/tapit to learn more about using the GoPass on Clipper and view answers to frequently asked questions.


What is the GoPass program?

GoPass is Caltrain’s deeply discounted, annual, unlimited-ride fare product for organizations. It offers unlimited travel across all zones, seven days a week for qualifying participants.

GoPass is available for companies, educational institutions, students (through an agreement with their school), and local government organizations. All staff who are assigned to the participating worksite(s); working more than 20 hours per week (onsite or offsite); and are a resident of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Merced, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Benito, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, and Yolo counties (exclusive of temporary employees, interns, contractors, consultants and sworn peace officer) must be enrolled.

No. Organizations must enroll all users, as defined in the participant agreement, at each worksite signing up for the program. For example - if there are 500 full time employees at a single worksite, GoPass must be purchased for all 500 employees.

Contact your sales representative to discuss your students’ needs at b2b@caltrain.com or by contacting us at  415.568.9985, Monday through Friday. In certain circumstances it may be possible to purchase GoPass for a cross-section of students (e.g., undergraduates, class cohort, graduate students).

The GoPass program is open to participants of any size. The total cost of participating in the GoPass program is the greater of $275 per eligible user or $5,500. The cost is pro-rated if the participant joins the program for less than a full year. The cost of a student GoPass is $99 per user, per year.

Businesses can boost employee satisfaction and offer a cost-effective, value-driven mobility solution with GoPass – it's the ultimate commute advantage for collaborative teams.

Schools can boost student satisfaction and offer a cost-effective, value-driven mobility solution with GoPass – it's the ultimate travel advantage for car-free student life.

Students cannot sign up for GoPass individually. Instead, a school must purchase passes for their student body. If you’re a student interested in the program, please reach out and we can tell you whether your school participates in GoPass. If they don’t, tell your administration to sign up!

No. The company does not have to include remote employees in the eligible user headcount.

GoPass participants are responsible for issuing and tracking the GoPasses (Participant will utilize Clipper’s online web portal to add and block passes), administering the pre-enrollment survey of those who will receive a GoPass, and submitting yearly updates to Caltrain. Complete information about participant responsibilities can be found in the company GoPass agreement. For more information, contact the Caltrain B2B staff at 415.568.9985 or b2b@caltrain.com.

No, parking is not included and must be purchased separately.