Lost and Found


Caltrain collects and logs items left on its system, except if it's perishable (food). If you left something on a train or at one of its stations, complete the form below to report the lost item.  It takes approximately 48 hours to process found items.  If your item is found, we will contact you.

A number of bikes each month end up in Caltrain’s lost and found. If a bike is stolen or missing, first call the Transit Police at 1(877)723-7245. Riders are then encouraged to fill out the lost and found report below. Include as much detail as possible, such as the make, model, serial number, color, and any defining characteristics of the bike. 

Note: Please submit only one form. Multiple submissions will delay processing.

We do not return phone calls unless we have located your item
Incldue train number or station
Provide a thorough description of the item as well as any identification that might be on it or with it