We are hard at work to improve your experience with Caltrain. Whether you ride the train or live, work, or play near Caltrain there are projects and plans underway to better serve you.

Transforming Caltrain into a faster, more efficient, and sustainable service while advancing ...
Caltrain Business Plan
Business Plan
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Corridor Crossings Strategy Logo
Corridor Crossings Strategy
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Visual Messaging Signs
Guadalupe Bridge Replacement Map 11.2.2020
Guadalupe River Bridge Replacement
Crossing Improvement
2023 Grade Crossing Improvement Projects
Project overview
Castro Street Grade Separation Project
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San Mateo Replacement Parking Track
Photograph of the Bayshore Station Pedestrian Overpass and Its Reflection in the Water
Bayshore Station Overpass Rehabilitation Project
Example of a Mini High Platform
Mini-High Platform Project
Caltrain Headquarters Office Request for Information (RFI)
BGGS Rendering
Burlingame Broadway Grade Separation Project
Menlo Park Station Building
Menlo Park Railroad Station Rehabilitation Project
Caltrain EMU in manufacture in Utah.
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Development

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Development