Project Benefits

Caltrain Electrification improvements will better address riders’ vision of an environmentally-friendly, fast, reliable service. Electrification will modernize Caltrain and make it possible to increase service while offering several advantages in comparison with existing diesel power use.

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Improved Train Performance,
Increased Service and
Greater Capacity

Electrified trains can accelerate and decelerate more quickly than diesel-powered trains, allowing Caltrain to provide more frequent and/or faster train service, initially increasing capacity by over 30 percent.

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Increased Revenue and
Reduced Fuel Cost

An electrified Caltrain will increase ridership and fare revenues while decreasing fuel costs.

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Reduced Engine Noise
Emanating from Trains

Noise from electric train engines is measurably less than diesel train engines. Train horns will continue to be required at grade crossings, consistent with safety regulations.

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Improved Regional Air Quality and
Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Electric trains will produce substantially less corridor air pollution compared with diesel trains, helping meet the state’s emission reduction goals. Increased ridership will reduce automobile usage, resulting in additional air quality benefits.

Positive Economic Benefits
for the Region

Electrification improvements also create regional job opportunities and other valuable economic benefits that are critical to the economic welfare of our region and our state. View the jobs map below.

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Caltrain Electrification has created hundreds of high-quality jobs to sustain economic growth throughout California and across the country.