Caltrain Fare Study

Overview of Fare Study

Caltrain is currently undertaking a comprehensive Fare Study. The agency last completed a comprehensive Fare Study in 2001, and much has changed since then for Caltrain and the region. The purpose of the Fare Study is to provide updated data and analysis to inform and support the development of fare policy at Caltrain.

The primary objectives of the study are to:

  • Identify potential opportunities to maximize revenue;
  • Enhance ridership, and
  • Safeguard social and geographic equity.

Key questions that the Fare Study is considering include:

  • How much revenue can and should Caltrain generate from fares?
  • Is the current fare and pass structure the right fit for Caltrain?
  • How should Caltrain phase and implement changes to its fare system?

Public Meetings and Presentations

To ensure that interested stakeholders and members of the public have opportunities to be involved and provide input on the Fare Study, Caltrain staff are working with the Caltrain Board of Directors and the Caltrain Citizens Advisory Committee. 

Past Presentations

Upcoming Presentations

Future meetings and presentations will be posted here as they are scheduled. 

Draft Fare Study Documents  

The Public Review Draft of the Phase 1 Report for the Fare Study has been prepared and is currently available for public review by clicking the link below.  The report will be available for public review from August 2, 2018 to October 2, 2018. Members of the public can submit comments by emailing After the public review period, the report will be revised as needed and a final draft will be prepared for the JPB to formally receive. 

Draft Phase 1 Report


The Fare Study is being completed in phases. The first phase of work is currently underway and is focused on a technical study to provide data and analysis to understand how fare changes could impact Caltrain’s ridership, revenue, and administration. The most significant effort of this first phase of work will involve conducting elasticity modeling to determine the relationship between pricing and ridership. This first phase of work is anticipated to be complete by fall 2018.

The key tasks for the future phases of work for the Fare Study will be determined towards the end of Phase 1, likely in summer 2018.  It is anticipated that subsequent phases may consider potential broader changes to the agency’s fare structure and products, as well as involve further public and stakeholder outreach. 

Rider Survey

As part of the Fare Study, Caltrain conducted a survey of its riders in September 2017. The survey is now closed, and Caltrain would like to thank its passengers who participated in the survey on board the trains or online.