Sign up for Text or Email alerts!

Stay updated on the status of your train with Caltrain’s new text and email alerts. 


How can I get alerts and updates about my Caltrain journey?

Visit for the latest service updates or to subscribe to our new alerts feature. This new service lets you sign up to receive text or email alerts for your selected trains and stations. To subscribe, visit, enter your phone number or email, and follow the prompts. 

To set up alerts, you must select specific train numbers. This ensures you only receive notifications for the trains you ride, not all Caltrain services. If your train has an alert and its status changes, you'll receive an updated notification with the latest information.

Receive customizable alerts before you start your trip:

  • Delays
  • Train cancellations and schedule changes
  • Single tracking and platform changes
  • At-capacity trains or bike cars
  • Elevator outages
  • Holiday schedules

If you subscribe to alerts, we'll ping you with alerts through text and/or email – your choice. You'll only get updates for the trains and stations you care about. If your train has additional updates on its status, you'll receive an updated notification each time with the latest information. 

Subscribing to alerts lets you choose the trains you ride and the stations you use. You'll receive updates on any changes to the scheduled Caltrain service for those specific trains and stations

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your phone number /or email address for your alerts, depending on where you want your alerts to be sent.
  3. Choose your preferred language.
  4. Enter the verification code sent to your email/ phone number. For email, check your spam folder if you do not receive the code.
  5. Select the “Create Subscription” button.
  • Part 1: Select the train numbers you ride. Not sure of your train number? Check the schedules at Example: The northbound train from Gilroy at 6:29 AM is train #303. You may also select train stations if you wish. [The stations that display are stations that the train(s) you select stop at during their service. They display in northernmost to southernmost order.]
  • Click “Continue”.

    • Part 2: Select the days of the week and times of day you use Caltrain. We’ll only notify you of relevant alerts on the days & times you select. Click “Continue”.
    • Part 3: Give your subscription a short title and review the information displayed. You can edit by clicking the pencil icon.
    • Click “Create Subscription”.
    • You’re set! You’ll now receive alerts for the trains & stations you selected, and only on the days & times that you selected.

    Absolutely! Personalize your alerts —choose your stations, travel times of the day, and specific train numbers. On you can edit your current subscription:  

    1. Choose the cogwheel icon  
    2. Select “Edit” 
    3. Edit your subscription by adding or removing trains 
    4. Edit any days of the week or times of the day 
    5. Select “Save Subscription”  

    Feel free to create multiple subscriptions, whether it's for your daily commute, your partner's schedule, or a family event using Caltrain.  

    Check Caltrain schedules at Train numbers are listed at the top of the timetables. If you want alerts on a specific train, enter the train number(s) as you create your alert subscription.

    Example: Train 303 leaves Gilroy at 6:29 a.m. 

    Link to weekday schedule | Link to weekend schedule 


    Yes, just add the stations where you need elevator information to your subscription. If a station you choose has elevator access, a button will appear asking if you would like to “Subscribe to Elevator Alerts”. Click the button to turn on the option for elevator alerts.  

    Whenever an elevator is out of order, you'll get an alert. Please note, some elevators are not owned or maintained by Caltrain, so there may be delays in receiving information.

    Yes. Anytime a conductor alerts Caltrain about a bike car being at capacity on a particular train, we’ll create an alert. Please note capacity alerts are dependent on manual capacity check by the conductor on board.

    You have the power to edit your alert subscriptions anytime. Whether you're adding or deleting items, we've got you covered.

    1. Go to the subscription page and enter the email or phone number you use for alerts. Enter the verification code.
    2. Find the subscription alert you want to edit and click the cogwheel icon on top right. Choose “Edit.”
    3. Under “Step 1”, click the “X” next to any train number you wish to delete. Use the field above to type in any new train numbers you wish to add to your alert subscription.
    4. Click “Continue.”
    5. Review “Step 2” schedule. Are these still the days of the week relevant for you? If so, click “Continue.”
    6. Review times of day. If these are still relevant, click “Continue”.
    7. Click “Save Subscription.”

    No worries! Going on a getaway? Hit pause on your alerts and enjoy some peace. Subscribed to more trains than you board? Easily edit your subscription and streamline your notifications. Your journey, your rules.

    Yes, if you create a subscription with your phone number first. Log in with phone number > go to Settings > check the Email box > add your email address.

    Mix and match as many as you like—choose your stations, travel times of the day, and specific train numbers. Feel free to create multiple subscriptions, whether it's for your daily commute, your partner's schedule, or a family event using Caltrain. If you still have questions, you may contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-660-4287 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekends and holidays.