New Weekday Schedule with Improved BART Connections, Increased San Francisco and South San Francisco Service

On September 12, Caltrain will run a new weekday schedule that reduces wait times for passengers connecting with BART in the evenings, while increasing service to the South San Francisco and 22nd Street stations. 

BART and Caltrain evening connections have been improved so riders will only have to wait between nine and 16 minutes at the Millbrae Transit Center. Customers transferring between BART and Caltrain can refer to BART and Caltrain Transfer Times at Millbrae station.

To accommodate Electrification Project construction work, all trains after 7 p.m. will have longer end to end travel times by an average of 13 minutes. The adjusted timetable maintains the 104 train schedule that Caltrain operates every weekday, the most Caltrain service ever.

During the peak morning and evening commute, two trains per hour per direction will now stop at the newly renovated South San Francisco Station to provide increased service for the downtown area, Oyster Point employees and ferry riders. This will double the peak hour service to a station that has seen significant ridership growth in the last few years.

During the southbound morning and northbound evening commute, additional limited trains will stop at the 22nd Street Station to better connect this station to Silicon Valley employment centers.

There will be no changes to midday and weekend schedules. 

All riders should check the schedule online to see how their commute could be affected.The September PDF schedule is available here. The schedule will also be available on the "Schedules" tab on September 9.

View the detailed summary of changes, including Millbrae BART transfer, here.

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