Parking at Baby Bullet Stations

Due to the popularity of Caltrain’s Baby Bullet service, available parking spaces at some stations have become scarce. However, there are alternatives to hunting for a parking place.

Caltrain stations are served by public transportation. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority serves the San Jose Diridon, Mountain View and Palo Alto stations, and SamTrans serves the Palo Alto, Hillsdale and Millbrae stations. A two-zone Caltrain Monthly pass is good as local fare on all VTA buses and light rail, as well as on SamTrans buses.

Carpooling to the station may be a viable option. The Regional Ridershare Program can match up Caltrain riders who live in the same neighborhood. Riders can call 511 and say “Rideshare” to talk to a transportation consultant about starting a carpool to the Caltrain station.

Caltrain passengers who bike to the station kill two birds with one stone: they don’t have to hunt for a parking space and they can skip their daily visit to the gym.

For those riders unable to find parking at the San Jose Diridon station, park for free at the Tamien station and take Caltrain. There’s a six-minute wait to connect to or from most Baby Bullet trains.

The Hillsdale station is served by a free shuttle.