Two-wheeled Mobility Devices

Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, including Segways, may be transported on Caltrain with an EPAMD permit. The permit may be obtained by contacting Caltrain Accessible Transit Services at 650.508.6202.

Operating Rules

  • EPAMDs must not be operated on the station platform at a speed greater than the walking speed of other customers, must be operated parallel to the tracks and the user must avoid backing up.
  • Users are encouraged to wear helmets and to equip the device with a light when operating at night.
  • EPAMDs must remain "off" when stowed in the wheelchair area on the train.

Boarding and Alighting

  • To board Caltrain, stand in the blue boarding assistance square with the EPAMD "off" until the train arrives.
  • To board a Gallery car, you must accompany the EPAMD on the lift, but may not ride it on the lift. Stow the EPAMD in the area reserved for wheelchairs. Position the EPAMD parallel to the aisle with the wheels resting against the back wall (modesty panel). Lower the steering column to the floor and switch the EPAMD to "lock" mode. Sit in the closest available seat to your EPAMD.
  • To board a Bombardier car, push or pull the EPAMD up the accessible ramp (see other side for listing of stations) and across the bridge plate to the car. Stow the EPAMD in the area reserved for wheelchairs. Position the EPAMD against the wall with the handlebar against the seat back of the flip-up seat and sit beside the EPAMD. Switch the EPAMD to "lock" mode.


Visitors with an EPAMD may ride for seven consecutive days before an EPAMD permit is required. Proof of visitor status may be either documentation that the individual’s disability requires use of the device or proof of residence outside the Caltrain service area.