Reasonable Modification

Caltrain does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities in the provision of transportation services and is committed to ensuring that no person, solely by reason of his or her disability, is excluded from participation in, is denied benefits of, or is subjected to discrimination under any Caltrain programs or activities.

Caltrain considers all requests for reasonable modifications of its policies, practices or procedures when necessary to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability. Caltrain is not required to grant requests for reasonable modifications that would fundamentally alter the nature of the Caltrain services, programs or activities; are not needed for access to Caltrain services, programs or activities; or present a direct threat of injury to other persons or property. Due to the fact-specific nature of requests, individual decisions and one-time modifications are not precedential. If a modification is determined later to be unnecessary for the requesting individual to use the requested transit service, a fundamental alteration, or unsafe for other person(s) or property, Caltrain may discontinue or change the modification.

Any person seeking a reasonable modification of Caltrain policies, practices or procedures, may complete a brief Reasonable Modification Form. If a customer believes they have been discriminated against by Caltrain on the basis of a disability, they may submit a complaint via the Caltrain Contact form for handling by Caltrain Customer Service and resolution by Caltrain Accessible Services.

Requests for reasonable modifications are handled by the Caltrain Accessible Services Department staff. They can be reached by phone (650.508.6475 or TTY 650.508.6448), e-mail ( or mail (1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070-1306).

Click to complete the Request for Reasonable Modification form.