Business Plan


Equity, Connectivity, Recovery, and Growth Policy 

Since the adoption of the Caltrain Long Range Service Vision in the fall of 2019, the Caltrain Business Plan has been focused on analysis related to the near- and medium-term future of the railroad. With the advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Business Plan is pausing a number of activities and re-orienting our focus for the next several months to recovery planning. One of these efforts is an Equity, Connectivity, Recovery, and Growth Policy Framework. The Framework will go before the Board on August 6, 2020 - Please review the draft document and share your feedback with us before July 28th by emailing or leaving a message at (650) 508-6499.

Draft Equity, Connectivity, Recovery, and Growth Policy
July Board Presentation on Equity, Connectivity, Recovery, and Growth Policy

Review previous Business Plan presentations for background on the equity, connectivity, and service policies:
Service Planning for the 2020s
Connectivity and Equity Assessments



As Caltrain moves forward with electrification it is time to examine the big questions like "what’s next – what will the rail corridor look like in the future? How can Caltrain meet demand and provide the maximum value to its customers, communities and the region? How can the railroad financially support its ongoing operations, maintenance and growth?

We are developing the Caltrain Business Plan to answer these questions. The Business Plan is an in-depth technical and policy document that will set the direction for the future of the railroad. The Business Plan builds on the railroad’s existing commitments and projects and covers new ground to help us define how both the Caltrain service and corridor should grow and change for years to come.

For detailed information please go to the Caltrain Business Plan dedicated website which includes information on upcoming meetings, city specific facts sheets, material from public presentations, and more.

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