San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project

Caltrain in cooperation with the City of San Mateo replaced four rail bridges in San Mateo’s North Central Neighborhood that were 100 years old and did not meet current seismic safety standards.

State and Federal design requirements, and the City of San Mateo’s desire for increased vehicular clearances on city streets, required raising the height of the tracks throughout project area. To accommodate this height increase, new retaining walls and fencing were constructed on the Caltrain right of way.

The project ensures that the bridges are safe and equipped to meet the region’s future transportation needs, including new electrified rail service, and improved traffic flow on city streets.

  • $38 Million

Poplar Avenue Closure Notice - 3/15/16

Santa Inez Bridge Change Out Notice - 2/23/16

Santa Inez Avenue Closure Notice - 1/29/16

Santa Inez Avenue Notification Area - 1/29/16

Monte Diablo Avenue Closure Notice - 11/20/15

Monte Diablo Notification Area - 11/20/15

Tilton Avenue Closure Area - 10/28/15

Caltrain Bus Bridge MAP   - 10/27/15

Tilton Avenue Map Only - 9/2815

Tilton Avenue Closure Map - 9/28/15

July 9 Presentation - 7/9/15

Community Meeting - 7/9/15

Retaining Wall Profile - 10/20/14

October 2014 Community Meeting Presentation - 10/2/14

October 2 Community Meeting Notice - 9/23/14

June Community Meeting Presentation - 6/2/14

SM Bridges Community Meeting Notice - 5/21/14

Weekend Work Notice - 3/21/14

Noise & Vibration Study - Caltrain Noise and Vibration Study: Replacement or Reconstruction of Seven Bridges” - 6/2/14
The study summarized here assesses noise and vibration impacts associated with the replacement of seven bridges including the four bridges covered by the San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project. The executive summary is informed by a series of technical reports. Technical staff is available to review this information in detail with members of the public that are interested.

SM Bridges Retaining Wall Elevation Drawing - 2/24/14

Updated - SM Bridges Fact Sheet - 10/2/14


Tree Removal Map

SM Bridges PPT - 11/14/13 

Community Mailer - 11/1/13

SMPWC PowerPoint - 7/10/13

SM Bridges PowerPoint - 5/2/13
San Mateo Bridges - PHOTOS 

Environmental Letter 1

Environmental Letter 2