Pass Forward Program Overview  

The Pass Forward Program (formerly known as the  Go Pass Donation Program) began in 2021 to diversify ridership and increase access to the Caltrain system. Caltrain has launched a program that allows Go Pass subscribers to donate unused passes to a network of qualified community-serving organizations. Recipients of the Go Passes are able to ride the Caltrain at no personal cost over the course of the calendar year.

Apply Now!

The application should take about 45-60 mins to compete.
These include introductory questions and then organization specific questions. The Go Pass Donation Program project team will evaluate each organizations application for eligibility.

Primary Contact
Secondary Contact
Survey Administrator

This person may be the same as the administrator above.  This person will be responsible for distributing Caltrain’s required survey to your organization’s constituents before they receive their Go Pass.
Organization Details
Please provide a summary of key services that your organization provides to the community. Include your website if you have one.
We'd like to learn a little more about your organization. Which county does your organization primarily serve? How many total constituents does your organization serve each year? How many total full-time staff members does your organization employ each year?

Who does your organization expect to distribute passes to in 2024 (examples: constituents who use your organization's services, staff at your organization)? Please also estimate how many passes you expect to distribute to each group (e.g., 25 passes for constituents, 5 passes for staff, etc.).

If your organization has participated in Pass Forward for 2023, please also provide an estimate of the number of passes in use by each group (e.g., 15 passes in use by constituents, 5 passes in use by staff for 2023).

Provide an estimate of median household income for your constituents.

Is the community your organization serves primarily located in an Equity Priority Community?

Estimate the percent of your constituents who have limited English language proficiency.

Does your organization serve constituents not described above who face barriers to transportation?
If so, please describe your constituents (e.g., people with disabilities, youth or seniors, refugees, people experiencing homelessness).

How will you engage with your constituents about the Go Pass Donation Program and share information about the program with the communities you serve?

Please select how the intended recipients will benefit from Caltrain Go Passes by: (check all that apply)
Intended Recipients
Please provide an estimate of the percentage breakdown of race/ethnic background for the constituents that you serve using the categories below
Please provide an estimate of the percentage breakdown of annual household income (before taxes) for the constituents that you serve using the following categories
To help us understand the lower and upper bounds of interest in these passes, please provide an estimate of what an ideal number of passes would be.
What would be the minimum number of passes you would need to participate in the program?
What would be the maximum number of passes you could distribute to your organization’s recipients?
Participation will require active administrative support on the part of your organization to manage the donated Go Passes, including administering a survey to Go Pass users, tracking and monitoring each Go Pass, and reporting issues or concerns to Caltrain. It is also anticipated that Caltrain may reach out to your organization to participate in interviews or other research activities. Please confirm below that your organization is able to designate an administrator who can serves as the main point of contact for the program and manage the program as described and participate in any research activities as requested.
The Go Passes will be pre-loaded onto Clipper Cards. Caltrain will provide the Clipper Cards along with other documents including instructions for how to track and distribute the Clipper Cards to your organization’s recipients. Please confirm that your organization will be able to pick up the cards from the Caltrain Headquarters in San Carlos, CA and distribute to your organization’s recipients.

How can Caltrain better support your organization with growing ridership and utilization of passes? Please let us know any ideas you may have for tools or resources that Caltrain could provide to grow your organization's pass utilization and ridership.

Is there anything else you would like to add or share? (Optional)