More Weekday Caltrain Service from Gilroy/Morgan Hill to San Francisco

Caltrain, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), and the Cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to the weekday Caltrain service that will further strengthen the transportation network for South County residents. Starting Monday, September 25, a fourth train will be introduced to the Gilroy/Morgan Hill morning and evening weekday service, offering commuters greater flexibility and convenience when traveling by Caltrain. 

The decision to expand the service comes as a result of collaborative efforts between Caltrain, VTA, and the Cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill, with a strong focus on improving accessibility and connectivity for residents in these areas. The additional train aims to accommodate the growing demand for commuter rail services, ultimately enhancing the overall transportation experience. 

This development has been met with enthusiastic support from local officials and community leaders, recognizing its significance in addressing the region's transit needs. 

Gilroy Mayor Marie Blankley expressed her excitement, saying, "We are ecstatic about the expansion of weekday Caltrain service from Gilroy and Morgan Hill to San Francisco. Until now, weekday service from Gilroy has been limited to three, sometimes two trains. This enhancement to a four-train schedule will provide our residents with more convenient and reliable transit options, reducing congestion on our roads and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. While we are not yet where we'd like to be, it's a significant step forward in making Gilroy and Morgan Hill even more connected to the job growth of the wider Bay Area, fostering economic growth that includes south Santa Clara County, and improving the quality of life for our communities." 

Commenting on the collaborative effort that brought the fourth train to South County, Morgan Hill Mayor Mark Turner added, “The addition of the fourth train is both a short-term and long-term victory for South County residents. A lot of credit goes to those staff members from Morgan Hill and Gilroy who have remained committed to seeing this day come to fruition. My sincerest gratitude to the Caltrain and VTA Board and staff for their part in bringing this fourth train to South County. Generating more connectivity options to other Bay Area locations through mass transit positively impacts our environment. Caltrain’s vision and efforts toward electrification will be an additional benefit by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” 

“Caltrain will soon offer the best rail service South County has ever seen,” said Jeff Gee, Chair of the Caltrain Board of Directors. “We want to make sure that everyone can take advantage of all the benefits Caltrain has to offer, and with this fourth train, residents all over South County can find out for themselves.” 

County Supervisor, Caltrain Board of Director Representative, and VTA Board Vice Chair Cindy Chavez added, "I am thrilled about the addition of a fourth train to Morgan Hill and Gilroy. This is an important connector for South County and has been a long time coming." 

To ensure that the new schedule aligns with the needs and preferences of commuters, Caltrain conducted a survey in June 2023 to gather feedback. The new train service was adjusted based on the valuable insights received from the community, making it a truly customer-centric initiative. 

For more information about the expanded Caltrain service and to stay updated on the latest developments, please visit Caltrain's official website. 

Joint Press Conference to Celebrate the Fourth Train

Caltrain, VTA, and the Cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill will be holding a joint press conference to celebrate the fourth train on its first day of service. The press conference will take place at the Gilroy Transit Center, located at 7250 Monterey Highway, Gilroy, California, at 7 a.m. Following the press conference, the members of the press are invited to join elected officials in riding the 7:29 a.m. train from Gilroy to Morgan Hill. 

What: Joint Press Conference to Celebrate the Fourth Train 

When: September 25, 2023 at 7 a.m. 

Where: Gilroy Transit Center, 7250 Monterey Highway, Gilroy 

Speakers: Mayor Marie Blankley, Mayor Mark Turner, Board Representative Cindy Chavez, and Board Chair Jeff Gee 


About Caltrain: Owned and operated by the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, Caltrain provides rail service from San Francisco to San Jose, with commute service to Gilroy. Serving the region since 1863, Caltrain is the oldest continually operating rail system west of the Mississippi. Looking to the future, Caltrain is set to electrify the corridor by 2024, which will reduce diesel emissions and add more service to more stations while advancing the agency’s equity goals. 

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