Caltrain Temporarily Reduces Weekday Service to Expedite Electrification Construction


From Monday, March 14 to Friday, April 1, Caltrain will temporarily reduce its service levels down to 88 trains per day to accommodate Caltrain Electrification work in San Mateo and Burlingame. Caltrain will still be running three trains per hour in each direction between the hours of 5:30 - 9 a.m. and 3:30 - 7 p.m.

Baby Bullet service will be suspended during this period of construction. There will be no changes to weekday midday and evening service, or to weekend service.

Trains will be single-tracking through Broadway, Burlingame, San Mateo, Hayward Park and Hillsdale stations for three weeks, so riders using those stations should be sure to pay attention to signage and announcements to make sure they are waiting at the correct platform at the station.

The March temporary schedule is available here. For shuttle service are available at, or

On Monday, April 4, Caltrain will revert back to the regular weekday schedule. The electrification of the Caltrain system will deliver major benefits to the communities that it serves. Electrification will reduce Caltrain’s greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate the particulate matter caused by the aging diesel engines. Service will become both more frequent and more comfortable, as state-of-the-art electric trains replace the 30-year-old diesel fleet. The project also created thousands of jobs locally and throughout the country, both to electrify the corridor and to assemble the new trains, which include components from across the country. Electrified service will lay the foundation to meet Caltrain’s goal of tripling capacity by 2040, the equivalent of carrying 5.5 lanes to U.S. Highway 101. The infrastructure that is being installed will be compatible with future high-speed rail on the corridor.


About Caltrain: Owned and operated by the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, Caltrain provides commuter rail service from San Francisco to San Jose, with commute service to Gilroy. While the Joint Powers Board assumed operating responsibilities for the service in 1992, the railroad celebrated 150 years of continuous passenger service in 2014. Planning for the next 150 years of Peninsula rail service, Caltrain is on pace to electrify the corridor, reduce diesel emissions by 97 percent by 2040 and add more service to more stations.

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