Caltrain Citizens Advisory Committee to Revisit Public Comment Process


Media Contact: Mahmoud Abunie, 650.730.6201 

Caltrain staff will be presenting at the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting this evening at 5:40 p.m. on an updated Public Comment Process policy. This policy serves as a guide for staff on the consideration and solicitation of public comments prior to making fare and major service changes, and other specified decisions that impact riders and the community. The Office of Civil Rights is updating this policy from 2013. 

To fulfill best practices of public participation, the Office of Civil Rights is seeking public comment on the new Public Comment Process policy at the CAC meeting. Public engagement is an essential piece of the decision-making process and is required as part of the Public Participation Plan in Caltrain’s Title VI Program. The updated Public Comment Process policy reflects the minimum public comment requirements to adopt changes related to fare and service. 

Comments and questions may be sent to


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