PayPal Park

Caltrain is proud to serve PayPal Park, the home of Bay FC and the San Jose Earthquakes. 

PayPal Park is walkable and bikeable from the Santa Clara Caltrain Station

Getting to PayPal Park from Santa Clara Caltrain station:
Walking/Biking Directions:  

Walk/bike east by using the pedestrian underpass to the east side of the station to Brokaw Rd. Continue walking to Coleman Ave. and go right on Coleman to PayPal Park. For bike parking use PayPal Park’s bike parking area.

VTA Line 60:
Walk West to Railroad Ave. just across the platform to Route 60 toward SJ International Airport. 

Walking/Biking Directions: Option 1

Walking/Biking Directions: Option 2

Pre and Post-match service: Regular weekdayFor weekend events, Caltrain recommends using alternative transportation options due to weekend service shutdowns. Visit for more information.   

Caltrain Tickets and Tips:


Friends, family, and youth can take advantage of our Caltrain Promotional Fares.

It's the easiest way to ride Caltrain. Simply tap on and off and enjoy the game. Visit for more information on how to purchase or get a Mobile Clipper card.  

On game days, avoid ticket lines by purchasing a Caltrain Single Ride (4 hours) or Day Pass on the Caltrain Mobile Ticket App or at the Caltrain ticket machine before heading to Santa Clara. Mobile tickets are activated as soon as purchased on the app. The Caltrain Day Pass is valid on Caltrain through the last train of the night. Clipper e-cash customers must tap on at their origin station and again at Santa Clara station. 


Caltrain parking fees and regulations are enforced 7 days a week. Daily parking permits can be purchased at station ticket machines or on the Caltrain Mobile Ticketing App. Daily Parking cost $5.50.  

Alcohol Reminder

Caltrain reminds customers that open alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the trains beginning at 9 p.m. on event nights. 


PayPal Park
1123 Coleman Ave
San Jose, 95110
United States

Bay FC Directions 

Take Caltrain to the Santa Clara station. It's a short train ride from San Francisco and the Peninsula, offering an opportunity to interact with other Bay FC fans. At Santa Clara station, head East under the pedestrian tunnel onto Brokaw Ave. and turn right on Coleman Ave. to PayPal Park. It’s an easy 10-15 minute walk from the station to PayPal Park. Bring your bike on Caltrain and park at PayPal Park’s bike parking. 

Please check the weekday and weekend train schedules for service to and from the park. Select the Schedule tab at the top of the page to view the current Caltrain schedules.  

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