Monthly Parking for Clipper Card

Customers with a valid Monthly Pass loaded on their Clipper® card can purchase one Monthly Parking Permit per month at Caltrain station ticket machines by entering their unique 10-digit Clipper card number, located on the lower-left back of the card. Parking permits may be purchased between the 21st of the previous month that the permit is valid through the 15th of the month the permit is valid.

Important note: If you load your Clipper card at a retailer, such as Walgreens, you will need to wait approximately 48 hours for the card transaction information to be provided from Clipper to the Caltrain ticket machines before purchasing your Monthly Parking Permit. It you load your Clipper card via the web or phone, you will need to wait 3 to 5 days for the card to be activated and the information provided to Caltrain's ticket machines.

Follow these easy steps:

Clipper-enabled Ticket Machines

  1. Select Parking
  2. Select Monthly Parking
  3. Select Purchase Monthly Parking
  4. Select Clipper Card
  5. Tap your Clipper Card 
  6. Make payment with cash, credit card or Visa/MasterCard non-pin debit cards. Note: Ticket vending machines don't accept Transit Benefit cards due to the Internal Revenue Service law. The Transit Benefit cards may be used at Caltrain headquarters.
  7. Retrieve parking permit and place on dashboard