Caltrain Station Ticket Machines

New Ticket Vending Machine

Caltrain offers several ways to purchase tickets, including at our ticket machines located at every Caltrain station. Passengers may also use the Caltrain Mobile app, or Clipper® to purchase tickets and passes.

Caltrain is a Proof-of-Payment system and tickets are not sold onboard trains. Passengers must have a valid ticket prior to boarding. Caltrain conductors and fare inspectors perform random fare checks onboard trains. Passengers without valid tickets are subject to a fine of up to $250 plus court fees.

Caltrain ticket machines offer paper Day passes or one-way tickets in addition to temporary paper promotional passes and tickets.

Customers may also purchase Daily or Monthly Parking permits.  Parking information is available at   

The ticket machines also allow customers to purchase Adult Clipper cards in addition to loading cash value or other transit agency products to their Senior, Youth, RTC and Adult Clipper Card.  When adding cash value or transit agency products to the Clipper card, press “Clipper”, place the Clipper Card on the card holder on the front of the ticket machine and follow the prompts.