Caltrain Statement on Recent Indictment

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The misuse of public funds for private use is a violation of the law, Caltrain policy and the public’s trust. Caltrain investigates every claim of such misconduct, and in cases where there is evidence of unlawful conduct by an employee or a contractor, we immediately act to rectify the situation and hold the individuals who are responsible accountable.

Mr. Worden, who was arraigned yesterday, is a former employee of TASI, a contractor to Caltrain. He and former Caltrain employee Joe Navarro, who will be arraigned in April, both face charges related to misuse of public funds. The two are accused of working together to misuse public resources for personal gain.

After receiving an anonymous tip and conducting an internal review, we discovered potential evidence of Mr. Navarro’s misuse of public resources and we referred the matter to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office for further investigation and potential charges. We appreciate the District Attorney’s diligent work in this investigation, and we will continue to provide any additional information or support needed to further the District Attorney’s efforts.

-Michelle Bouchard, Caltrain Executive Director