Caltrain Celebrates Women’s History Month

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Caltrain is honored to celebrate Women’s History Month throughout March. Women at Caltrain are an integral part of its success today and into the future and continue to show the major contributions as the agency grows to new heights.   

Michelle Bouchard, Executive Director of Caltrain, is leading the way for an agency transforming its diesel trains into an all-electric fleet starting this fall. Michelle is among many women at the agency who develop innovative ideas to help bring back ridership due to COVID-19. Riders are steadily flocking to Caltrain as their primary source of transit knowing it will be a safe and reliable commute throughout the peninsula corridor.  

While the rail industry has traditionally been male dominated, Caltrain continues to highlight women in every department including communications, operations, planning, engineering, safety and security, conductors and of course, executive roles. Throughout March, Caltrain will also highlight female staff in a special Employee Spotlight feature on Caltrain’s social media platforms including Instagram, Meta, X, and LinkedIn.  

On March 22, Caltrain will be hosting a series of workshops that will kick-off with a keynote speaker followed by internal subject matter experts who will discuss their journeys up the career ladder, relevant skillsets, tips and tricks for interviewing, and getting things done.  

Caltrain will also be featuring the newest Women in Transportation Employee Resource Group (ERG). The ERG will promote the development and education of women throughout the agency by undertaking internal and external activities to attract, retain, empower, inform, inspire, and support female employees. Caltrain is excited to move forward with women in the workforce as a leader of inclusion and success.