Caltrain - Your Ride for SF Beer Week 2024

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SF Beer Week is upon us from February 9-18, and Caltrain is proud to be the Official Transit Partner of SF Beer Week, celebrating brews all around the Bay. As bars, breweries, tap rooms, speakeasies and any other purveyor of potent potables prepare for the celebration, you should do the same by planning your trip on Caltrain so you can enjoy the festivities safely and responsibly. Thankfully, there are many participating locations along the Caltrain corridor, so we are happy to play chauffeur as you sample the suds from San Francisco to San Jose. 

Check out this list of 30 participating pubs that are celebrating SF Beer Week near 11 of our stations. We’ll be adding to it all week (let us know if we’re missing any @Caltrain), so keep checking in to see everything that’s available. Caltrain is currently running some promotions you can take advantage of, including half off parking at stations and group rates offering 15% off. Or, if you want to make a proper bar crawl out of it, purchase a Day Pass for unlimited rides all day. Riders can even responsibly enjoy their beers on board until 9 p.m. So, whether you’re heading to 21st Amendment in San Francisco, Devil’s Canyon in San Carlos, Floodcraft Brewing Company in San Jose or any other participating pubs, get yourself to a Caltrain station and let us take care of the hard part, so you can keep your eyes on the prize and your ears on the beers.