A Note on Caltrain Alerts and Service Communication

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We know our service communication is lacking at a time when Electrification construction is making it tough on passengers and staff. We’re making changes to that. For years Caltrain relied on free social media networks as the backbone of our communications platform, particularly Twitter. And it worked well for many transit agencies, even spawning the quirky sub-genre called “Transit Twitter.”

For many reasons this is no longer a viable service strategy. Today, a whole new set of transit-specific tools has emerged that speak a common transit language and can push service info well beyond social media (think Google Maps, Transit app, websites, and any other interested 3rd-parties). Basically, transit communication has grown up a lot.

We are in the middle of onboarding several of these technologies to help us communicate better.

As we bring on new partners in Fall 2023, here are some new channels we’re following for passenger info:

  • Text and Email service alerts, configurable to your trains, times and stations.
  • Real-time info on Google Maps, including station closures, service info and more.
  • Better service info on Caltrain website.
  • Improved station info and upgraded signage.
  • Committed staff for real-time service info.
  • Continued Twitter updates. 
  • Better real-time data to 511, public API. 
  • Discord server for Bay Area transit.

We appreciate your patience as we bring on new technologies and find the right ways to communicate with them.