#Caltrain Social News: June 3, 2016

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Caltrain Tweets of the Week Finally, we know who leaves their car on the tracks.

Is THAT where I left it?? ((rummages for keys, cancels AAA)) https://t.co/ssiqS3VFsl

— Mtbkgrl (@Mtbkgrl) June 3, 2016

Caltrain is always better in a pink suit.

To the lad ROCKIN' the PINK suit on #Caltrain 210 you made Friday a lot more fun and interesting. #TGIF

— Sumaya (@1sumaya) June 3, 2016

Overall, yes.

caltrain is overall a very comfortable thing

— sigfig (@sigfig) June 2, 2016

That feeling of peace settling over you is a proper Clipper Tag Off.

Happiness is remembering to tag off @Caltrain

— Andrew Trask (@avtrask) June 1, 2016

Caltrain Instagram of the Week This week's #CaltrainIG comes from @ilmagodiloz. Thanks for the shot! ctig2Most popular Facebook post of the Week CTFB Compiled by Jeremy Lipps, @Calif0rnio