Caltrain and Fresh Takes Team up for Rail Safety Film Fest

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Caltrain and Fresh Takes have teamed up to create rail safety videos. Below are the nine public service announcements made by the student filmmakers.

Trainspotting, by Maxine Cheney, 16, Summit Prep High School

Family First, by Diana Gutierrez, 15, Everest College Prep

Heads Up, by Ian Jones, 17, Santa Cruz

Strictly Business, Alex Watson, 15, Redwood City

Your Life Matters, by Will Schumacher, 17, Everest College Prep

People Are Waiting, 16, Summit College Prep

Acclimation, by Susannah Holm, 17, Woodside High School

Coming This Winter, by Gerardo "Jerry" Valencia, 17, Woodside High School 

Don't Be That Guy, by Kimberley Mondragon, 17, and Jade Vaughn, 17, Woodside High School