How to Access Caltrain Property

How do I determine what type of agreement I need?
The following provides an overview of the typical types of access documents issued by Caltrain and a description of each standard form of agreement which you will be expected to sign if you wish to enter the property.

  • Lease Agreement: Used to allow a third party to use Caltrain property on a long-term basis.  All lease agreements include a provision that the lessee must vacate the premises within 30 days if Caltrain requires the property for transportation purposes.  The lessee will be charged a monthly rental payment.
  • Encroachment Permit: used to allow third parties access to Caltrain-owned property for a specific purpose when a lease is not appropriate.  An encroachment permit would be appropriate to allow non-continuous occupancy.  This is a short-form permit and is not appropriate for any construction activities, not even surveying or potholing.
  • Right-of-Entry Permit Agreement: Required to allow third-party access to Caltrain property for a specified period of time to accomplish a specified activity, which generally involves construction work.
  • License Agreement: Issued to allow a permanent or semi-permanent facility to be constructed on Caltrain property.  The license agreement allows the facility to be initially constructed and then remain in place.  Depending on the situation, typically a right-of-Entry Permit Agreement is required every subsequent time the licensee wished to access the facility for construction and/or maintenance.

What are the insurance requirements?
Caltrain required $2 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate General Liability insurance coverage.

Who issues the agreements?
Agreements are issued through the Caltrain Real Estate and Property Management Department.  Please call 650.508.6304 or send an e-mail to if you required entry onto Caltrain property.

What is the cost of permit?
The permittee is typically charged a processing fee to cover Caltrain’s cost in reviewing the request and issuing a permit, as well as an annual fee for use of the property.  Click HERE for the Fee Schedule.