Using a Wheelchair

Wheelchair Accessibility

The Gallery train sets have at least one wheelchair-accessible car that can accommodate three wheelchairs and use an onboard wheel-chair lift.

The Bombardier train sets have up to five wheelchair-accessible cars and use the accessible ramp or the mobile platform wheelchair lift.

Wheelchairs are boarded at all accessible stations listed in the box on back. For all trains, please wait at the blue international wheelchair symbol painted on the platform for the conductor to assist you.

  • If a train already has the maximum number of wheelchair/mobility device customers on board, the conductor will ask you to wait for the next train.

  • If it is the last train of the day, Caltrain will provide you with paratransit service to your destination.

  • If you or your attendant can fold your wheelchair and you can transfer to a seat, you may board the train even if all the wheelchair spaces are occupied.


Use of the Lift

Caltrain will board and transport any size wheelchair that can be safely accommodated on the lift and in the rail car.

  • Remove poles or flags attached to your mobility device before boarding the train.
    The conductor will ask for your destination before you board to make sure the station you are traveling to is accessible.

  • Set the brakes of your wheelchair.
    The conductor will raise the lift until you are level with the entryway to the train.

  • Release your brakes and proceed into the train.

  • Move into the area designated for wheelchairs.


Getting Off the Train

When the train arrives at your destination

  1. Please wait until all passengers have gotten on or off.

  2. Proceed onto the lift facing forward and set the brakes of your wheelchair.

  3. The conductor will then lower the lift.

  4. Release your brakes and exit the lift onto the platform.

All accessible cars have pressure-sensitive doors and an audible tone and light to indicate the doors are opening and closing. All cars have an automated voice warning that announces:

"Caution: doors are about to close."