South San Francisco Station Parking Lot Improvements


Caltrain rehabilitated the existing parking lot at the South San Francisco station to improve drainage, lighting and uneven pathways over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. The work included grinding the existing pavement, re-grading it for proper drainage, and repaving it to accommodate 74 parking spaces. In addition, the project provided new lighting, rubberized enhancements to areas where pedestrians cross the UPRR tracks and traffic islands, signage and striping. These improvements are meant to enhance passenger safety and security.

Caltrain engineers also incorporated stormwater management best practices through the use of bioswales to supplement drainage. Bioswales utilize landscape elements to remove pollutants and silt from surface runoff water.

Lead Agency: Caltrain

Contractor: Interstate Grading and Paving, Inc.


Construction Cost: $446,000

Began Construction: January 2011

End Construction: May 2011