Caltrain Approves Fare and Parking Fee Changes

Caltrain’s Board of Directors approved changes to the rail agency’s fares and parking fees during its August Board meeting. The changes were approved to provide revenue that will reduce the operating budget deficit. 

The approved changes include:

  • Zone Fare
    • Increases to the Caltrain adult zone fare by 25 cents effective October 1, 2017 
  • Go Pass
    • Increases the Go Pass from $190 to $237.50 effective January 1, 2018
    • Increases the Go Pass from $237.50 to $285 effective January 1, 2019 
  • Monthly Pass Multiplier
    • Increases the multiplier from 13.25 to 14 days on October 1, 2017
    • Increases the multiplier from 14 to 15 days on July 1, 2018 
  • Increases to the monthly parking prices from $55 to $82.50 effective October 1, 2017 
  • Eliminates the discounted 8-ride Ticket

Unlike most transit systems, Caltrain does not currently receive dedicated funding to support its operations. The cost of operating and maintaining the service has increased due to the challenge of accommodating record-setting ridership demand and maintaining an aging diesel system in a state of good repair.

Without dedicated funding, Caltrain fare revenue covers about 66 percent of its operating costs.  Caltrain’s member agencies also contribute to the operating needs of the system but those contributions have declined in recent years and are not sufficient to support current service. Even with the approved fare increase, Caltrain will need to utilize over $8 million in reserves to maintain operations in Fiscal Year 2018 and is projected to use another $7 million in Fiscal Year 2019.

Prior to approving the fare changes, Caltrain held six community meetings since May and hosted more than a dozen station outreaches at various stations from San Francisco to San Jose throughout the month of May and June to gather feedback from customers on the proposals. Caltrain staff had nearly 3,000 customer interactions and received more than 1,500 survey responses on the proposed fare changes.  The rail agency also hosted a public hearing at its Board of Directors meeting in July and collected comments through mail, email and phone calls.

Caltrain last approved fare changes in 2015.

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About Caltrain: Owned and operated by the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, Caltrain provides commuter rail service from San Francisco to San Jose, with limited commute service to Gilroy. Caltrain enjoyed five years of consecutive monthly ridership increases, surpassing more than 65,000 average weekday riders. While the Joint Powers Board assumed operating responsibilities for the service in 1992, the railroad celebrated 150 years of continuous passenger service in 2014. Planning for the next 150 years of Peninsula rail service, Caltrain is on pace to electrify the system, reduce diesel emissions by 97 percent by 2040 and add more service to more stations.

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