#Caltrain Social News: August 26, 2016

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Caltrain Tweets of the Week Naturally.

SF is the odd direction then. https://t.co/x7s4xzDWhb

— Jun Wang (@wangjun) August 24, 2016

Oh, the humanity!

Someone left a plate of frosted cupcakes on top of the ticket machine in San Carlos Caltrain #saddestthingever

— Luba L (@loobah_l) August 24, 2016

Well, depends which one.

Even @Caltrain says newspapers aren't the same as trash pic.twitter.com/qSh5EkkThN

— Dan Nguyen ༼づ✿_✿༽ (@dancow) August 25, 2016


When I'm on one of the first three cars at College Park. #Caltrain pic.twitter.com/3tyXvJFYjn

— Woody Hansen (@woodyaz) August 25, 2016

You and everyone else.

Can't wait to get on CalTrain & read experimental Japanese poetry while eavesdropping on tech bros

— Linnie Greene (@linnieVII) August 25, 2016

Caltrain Instagram of the Week This week's #CaltrainIG captured Sutro Tower peeking out from rolling fog. This shot comes from @paigeodonut. ctigMost popular Facebook post of the Week ctfb Compiled by Jeremy Lipps, @Calif0rnio