Caltrain Reminds Passengers That it is Still Important to Say Something if You See Something Odd

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By Will Reisman, @WillReisman img_3708The Caltrain railway is a particularly busy place right now. More than 60,000 passengers take the train on an average weekday, double the total that the system was carrying just 10 years ago. The crowded conditions on the train and on boarding platforms are an everyday testament to that unprecedented growth. Additionally, Caltrain is in the midst of a series of vital infrastructure undertakings, including bridge replacement projects in San Mateo and San Francisco. A new fiber-optics communications system, designed to make Caltrain safer and more efficient, is also in the process of being installed. In short, there is a lot going on at Caltrain, which is why the agency is more reliant than ever on its passengers to help out and assist in any ways necessary. That’s why the agency is reminding customers about our “See Something – Say Something” policy. Caltrain initially launched the “See Something – Say Something” safety awareness campaign in 2013. As a way of promoting secure conditions through the system, Caltrain passengers were encouraged to contact the rail agency if something onboard the train or on the rail system seemed amiss. Passengers we’re also asked to remind their fellow riders to behave properly while using the system. Because of all the activity presently happening on the right-of-way, Caltrain is reminding passengers of that helpful safety mantra. If a passenger notices something that doesn’t quite seem right while they’re on the train, they should say something to their conductor, or call Caltrain’s Transit Police Department at 1.877.723.7245. It’s an important opportunity to let our passengers know that we can all count on a safe ride if we keep an eye out for each other.