Humans of Caltrain: Jordon

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IMG_3053 “I’m originally from Dallas, but I’ve been travelling abroad for the past four months. I started out in Hawaii and then went to the Philippines, Myanmar and Nepal, and I’m actually on my way now to a wedding in Carmel. I didn’t really plan out the trip at all. I went to Hawaii to visit a friend and I had no idea where I was going to go next. I ended up in the Philippines and a friend I met from travelling suggested that I volunteer there for a relief organization. I ended up doing that for 30 days—helping families rebuild homes, churches and evacuation centers damaged by Hurricane Yolanda. That was the highlight of my trip; that, and doing a 19-day hike in the Himalayas with my brother and his wife. I’m not done travelling yet, either. Next, I’m heading to Tanzania to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. I plan on being there for a few months, too.”