Local Policy Maker Group

The Local Policy Maker Group (LPMG) is an advisory group, comprised of officials from the cities and counties along the Caltrain corridor. A list of the current membership can be viewed below.


In 2012, Caltrain created the LPMG as a formal venue to facilitate local input and guidance on the Caltrain Modernization (CalMod) Program. At the time, the LPMG included officials from the 17 cities and three counties along the Caltrain Electrification Project corridor from San Francisco to San Jose.  

In 2016, Caltrain opened up the venue for the California High-Speed Rail Authority staff to provide updates on the HSR Blended System Project. 

In 2018, Caltrain expanded the scope of the LPMG to include the Caltrain Business Plan. The Caltrain Business Plan touches the entire Caltrain corridor from San Francisco to Gilroy. The LPMG membership was expanded to mirror the full corridor boundaries. 

Today the group is comprised of officials from all 19 cities and three counties along the Caltrain corridor. The LPMG meets monthly to provide feedback and receive updates on the Caltrain Business Plan, Caltrain Electrification Project, and HSR Blended System Plan. 

Unless otherwise noted, the LPMG meets the fourth Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. All meetings are open to the public.

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City / County 



Atherton  Vice Mayor Diana Hawkins-Manuelian Councilmember Stacy Miles Holland
Belmont  Councilmember Robin Pang-Manganaris Councilmember Davina Hurt 
Brisbane  Councilmember Terry O’Connell  Councilmember Cliff Lentz 
Burlingame  Councilmember Emily Beach  Councilmember Peter Stevenson
Gilroy Mayor Marie Blankley Councilmember Zach Hilton
Menlo Park  Mayor Jen Wolosin Mayor Drew Combs
Millbrae  Councilmember Gina Papan  Mayor Anders Fung
Mountain View  Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga  Mayor Alison Hicks 
Morgan Hill Mayor Mark Turner Councilmember Yvonne Martinez Beltran
Palo Alto  Councilmember Ed Lauing Councilmember Lydia Kou
Redwood City  Councilmember Elmer Martinez Saballos Councilmember Diane Howard 
San Bruno  Vice-Chair Michael Salazar  Mayor Rico Medina 
San Carlos  Vice Mayor Ron Collins  Councilmember Pranita Venkatesh
San Francisco  Ms. Alexandra C. Sweet   
San Jose Councilmember Sergio Jimenez Councilmember Devora Davis
San Mateo  Councilmember Richard Hedges Mayor Lisa Diaz Nash
Santa Clara  Councilmember Anthony Becker  Vice Mayor Raj Chahal 
South San Francisco  Councilmember Eddie Flores  Councilmember James Coleman
Sunnyvale  Councilmember Richard Mehlinger Councilmember Linda Sell
San Francisco BOS  TBD  
San Mateo BOS  TBD  
Santa Clara BOS  TBD  
CHAIR (JPB Member) Pat Burt
VICE CHAIR (LPMG Member) Jen Wolosin

Correspondence can be directed to the committee at LPMG@caltrain.com. Correspondence, including any personal information such as names and e-mail addresses, submitted to this agency will become disclosable public records. Any correspondence to be included in the LPMG reading file must be received by 3 p.m. the day before the LPMG meeting.