Sharks Service

Ride Caltrain to Sharks Hockey at the SAP Center!

With the San Jose Diridon Caltrain Station located just across the street from SAP Center at San Jose, hockey fans can leave the driving to Caltrain.

Service to Games 
Get the train schedule for weekday and weekend games.   

NOTE: Parking restrictions at San Jose for SAP Events. Caltrain Monthly and Daily parking permits aren't valid when the SAP Center is managing the lots. Caltrain customers already parked before the SAP Center rates go into effect aren't impacted by the higher rate. The SAP Center rates begin approximately two-and-a-half hours before SAP Center events; however, the higher prices can't start before 9 a.m. on weekdays.      

Post-game service
The last train on Weekdays and Saturdays departs San Jose Diridon station at 10:30 p.m. or 15 minutes after the game ends but departs no later than 10:45 p.m. The train makes all regular local stops. Trains will stop at the Broadway and Atherton stations on weekends only.

Ticket Tips

Buy a Day Pass
It's the same price as two one-ways, but you won't have to worry about post-game lines.

Buy a zone upgrade
Already have a Caltrain Monthly Pass but it doesn't include Zone 4?  Buy a Zone Upgrade from the Ticket Vending Machine.  The Zone Upgrade, which must be used with a valid Caltrain Monthly Pass, is only $2 per zone ($1 for Eligible Discount).

Group ticket sales of 25 or more
Additional information is available HERE.


Passengers must have a valid ticket before boarding. One-way tickets and Day passes are available from station ticket machines. Customers also can use Clipper. Keep your ticket or Clipper card ready to display to conductor. Passengers without valid tickets are subject to citation.

Ticket Information
One-way ticket: Valid for travel to zone indicated on ticket for four hours from time of purchase.
Day Pass:Valid for unlimited travel between zones indicated through end of service day on date purchased.
Eligible Discount: Seniors/Disabled/Youth/Medicare Cardholder

Reminder: Caltrain reminds you that alcoholic beverages are prohibited on trains departing from San Jose beginning at 9 pm on game nights.

For more information, call Caltrain at 1.800.660.4287 (or TTY only 650.508.6448).

Refer to complete timetable for specific station-stop times.

11/9/17 - jsn