Sunnyvale Station

Sunnyvaleas of 7:39 AM

All Northbound Trains will originate out of Santa Clara Expect Delays.

San Jose Diridon will be Shut Down due to Police Activity .

SF Weekend Service closures coming Feb. 22. Info at

Bike Cars : Bicyclists Board First..

Please expect Delays for all Northbound Trains due to incident .

212Limited11 min.
222Limited71 min.
232Limited131 min.
319Baby Bullet0 min.
217Limited6 min.
221Limited6 min.

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Sunnyvale Station Parking Impacts

April 8 until spring 2020

Beginning April 8, Caltrain electrification crews will permanently close parking spaces #421-436, #452-455, and #458-463 in the northern portion of the Sunnyvale Station parking lot in order to construct a paralleling station which will help regulate power to the new electric trains.

Parking spaces #437-441, #456-457, and #464-472, also located in the northern portion of the Sunnyvale Station parking lot, will be temporarily fenced off in order for crews to install a staging area to support this construction. The temporary parking closures will last from April 8 until spring 2020.

The stairway and northern sidewalk ramp connected to the parking lot will remain open during parking lot construction for the benefit of Caltrain customers. Four (4) ADA parking stalls will be temporarily re-located to the north end of the parking lot adjacent to the northern sidewalk ramp. Pedestrians will be able to access the station platform via the stairs and sidewalk ramp. The Caltrain parking structure will remain open during this time. Once construction is complete, the east and west segments of the parking lot will be reconnected.

More information

Parking Closure Map
Map of Hillsdale Parking Closure

Sunnyvale Station

Zone 3

121 W. Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale 94086
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Weekend Baby Bullet serves this station!

Transit Connections:
VTA: 32, 53, 54, 55, 304

Wheelchair Accessible

Bicycle Parking:
18 Bike racks
71 Lockers - Check availability and access application HERE 
On-demand electronic lockers also available -

439 spaces; pay through ticket vending machine
Note: Spaces 1–72 are reserved for the Murphy’s Square District; Caltrain customers shouldn't park in them.

Ticket Vending Machines
4 machines

Caltrain makes being sustainable easy.  Customers are encouraged to place paper, glass/cans, food and trash in the same waste container.  The contents make their way to Newby Island Resource Recovery Park where machinery and trained staff sort all contents for appropriate recycling or landfill.

Public Telephone
2 phones
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