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Millbraeas of 2:07 PM

Bike Cars. Bicyclists Board First.

152Local17 min.
254Limited53 min.
156Local79 min.
151Local14 min.
155Local74 min.
257Limited84 min.

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Millbrae Station Parking Impacts

June 7 to June 24, 2019

The Millbrae Caltrain Station parking lot will be resealed and restriped over the next three weekends. Parking will be closed off to the public in three phases. Parking stalls will be closed from 5 am Friday to 4 am Monday.

Phase 1 - 6/7, 5 am – 6/10, 4 am: Murchison to the South Parking Area
Phase 2 – 6/14, 5 am – 6/17, 4 am: Underpass to the Historic Structure
Phase 3 - 6/21, 5 am – 6/24, 4 am: Historic Structure to Murchison

Millbrae Transit Center

Zone 2

100 California Drive, Millbrae 94030
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Transit Connections:
SamTransRoute SFO, ECR*, 397
ShuttlesBroadway/Millbrae  |  Burlingame Bayside Area**  |  North Burlingame**  |  North Foster City**   |  Sierra Point Shuttle (PDF, 366KB) (PDF, 130 KB)   |  Genentech
* short walking distance

Wheelchair Accessible
Both platforms, elevator available

Bicycle Parking:
28 Bike racks.
28 Lockers. Call 650.508.6350 to reserve.
16 BART-run on-demand electronic lockers available -

175 spaces on west side of the station; pay at the ticket vending machine

Ticket Vending Machines
6 machines available on concourse and platforms 

Caltrain makes being sustainable easy.  Customers are encouraged to place paper, glass/cans, food and trash in the same waste container.  The contents make their way to Newby Island Resource Recovery Park where machinery and trained staff sort all contents for appropriate recycling or landfill.

Public Telephone
Northbound: 4 phones
Southbound: 2 phones

8/7/18 - rjc/dn