Safety & Security

A Caltrain train is almost two stories tall, weighs close to one million pounds, has flashing lights and takes more than a half-mile to stop. Please stay out of its way.

In addition to the 92 weekday, 36 Saturday and 32 Sunday trains, Caltrain also operates extra trains for Giants baseball games and other special events. Union Pacific Railroad runs freight trains along the Caltrain line. So, you can expect to see a train at any time on any track.

Our tips will provide you with the knowledge you need to stay safe when you are near or need to cross train tracks. If you encounter an emergency on Caltrain or see something suspicious, call the Transit Police at 1.877.SAF-RAIL (1.877.723.7245).

Suicide Prevention Resources

Safety & Security Report
Caltrain is focused on the three E's of rail safety: Education, Engineering and Enforcement. Each month it issues a report on activities within those areas. Click HERE to view the reports.

Safety Related Information
Safety Tips
Information from the "Don’t Shortcut Life" campaign.

Safety Brochure:
Download the pamphlet we distribute at safety seminars. (PDF, 291KB)

Earthquake's Effect on Caltrain Service
The magnitude of an earthquake defines how Caltrain service may be impacted.


Other Safety Sites
Common Sense: Use it
Public safety campaign designed to remind each and every one of us to use this often overlooked and underrated human faculty, especially around railroad tracks.

Transit Watch
Nationwide public awareness outreach campaign that encourages the active participation of transit passengers and employees in maintaining a safe transit environment.

Operation Lifesaver
Non-profit, international continuing public education program first established in 1972 to end collisions, deaths and injuries at places where roadways cross train tracks, and on railroad rights-of-way.

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