Caltrain has the most extensive bicycle access program among passenger railroads in the nation.

To learn how to take your bike onboard Caltrain, view our Bikes on Caltrain video. View on Vimeo 

Bikes on Caltrain
Bike rules and basic information.

Bike Destination Tags
Let other bike passengers know at which station you and your bike will be disembarking. 

Bike Parking 
Options for parking your bike at a station: racks, lockers, shared parking & staffed parking.

Bike Access
Summary of the 2008 series of workshops and community meetings focusing on improvements for bicycle parking and access at Caltrain stations.

Regional Bike Sharing Program
An overview of the Bay Area pilot bike sharing program.

Tips for Keeping Your Bike Safe
To help protect your bike.

Frequently asked questions.

Bicycle Bump Form
Online form to record denial of boarding with a bicycle (bump).

Bicycle Advisory Committee
Serves as the primary venue for the interests and perspectives of bicyclists to be integrated into the Caltrain planning processes.

Bike Buzz
A seven-week courtesy campaign.

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