Modernization - 2019 Blended System - 2029

The Caltrain Modernization Program will electrify and upgrade the performance, operating efficiency, capacity, safety and reliability of Caltrain's commuter rail service. The Caltrain Modernization Program is scheduled to be operational by 2020.

Electrification has been a part of Caltrain’s long-term vision for several years and is reflected in Caltrain’s strategic plans.

Service Enhancements
Modernization will allow Caltrain to operate quieter, cleaner, more frequent and/or faster train service to more riders. Increased capacity and improved service will help Caltrain meet increasing ridership demand and alleviate local and regional traffic congestion.

Financial Sustainability
Modernization will also help support the financial sustainability of the system by increasing ridership and fare revenue, and reducing operating costs associated with replacing diesel fuel with electricity.

Economic Benefits
Modernization also creates regional job opportunities and other valuable economic benefits that are critical to the economic welfare of our region and our state.

The Caltrain Modernization Program will help prepare the corridor to eventually accommodate California’s statewide high-speed rail service, which is planned for 2029. Caltrain and high-speed rail will primarily share Caltrain’s existing tracks, operating on a blended system.

Caltrain, along with local stakeholders and the California High Speed Rail Authority (, is currently working to define what additional system upgrades will be required to support blended Caltrain and high-speed rail service.

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