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Due to the regional shelter in place order stemming from COVID-19, Caltrain Board meetings will only be available via remote
access. The public may participate via a Zoom web link and/or by phone.  

Next Meeting:

JPB Finance Committee   
Monday, April 26, 2:30pm
Access via Zoom 

Dial-in: (669) 900-6833
Webinar ID #933 8892 7360
(found on meeting agenda)

Recordings can be found on the Video Page.

Public Comment via email: Please indicate in your email the agenda item to which your comment applies. Public comments received will be included in the Board’s weekly correspondence, which is posted in the Documents column in the Board's meeting calendar below..

The Caltrain Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of the month (*unless otherwise noted) at 9:00 a.m. in the Edward J. Bacciocco Auditorium located on the second floor at SamTrans Administrative Offices, 1250 San Carlos Ave., San Carlos. The office is located two blocks west of the San Carlos Caltrain Station.

2021 Board Meeting Dates
2021 Finance Committee Meeting Dates
2021 Work Program-Legislative-Planning Committee Meeting Dates


Agenda Minutes/Audio Documents
May 6
JPB Board   
Correspondence as of 04-16-2021

Correspondence as of 04-09-2021

April 28
WPLP Committee    

April 26
Finance Committee     
April 1
 Board Agenda Packet
Part III Time (Return from Closed Session Time) Amended
8b(ii) -LPMG Minutes
added 4/5 2pm

Fee Schedule PowerPoint
updated 4/1 8.45am

Correspondence as of 03-31-2021

Correspondence as of 03-26-2021

Correspondence as of 03-19-2021

Correspondence as of 03-12-2021

Correspondence as of 03-05-2021 

March 24

 WPLP Committee Agenda  
 SSF Improvement Project Update PPT

Caltrain Station & Terminal Planning PPT

Caltrain Station & Terminal Planning PPT
updated 3/23 5pm

SSF Improvement Project PPT
updated 3/24 1:30pm (slide 17 modified)

March 22

Finance Committee Agenda

(special start time at 2:30 pm)


Special Board Meeting -
Governance Agenda

Governance Mtg #1 Staff Report

Governance Mtg #1 PowerPoint 


March 4

Board Agenda Packet Minutes 

Correspondence as of 03-04-2021

Correspondence as of 02-26-2021

Correspondence as of 02-12-2021

Correspondence as of 02-05-2021

WPLP Committee Agenda Minutes 
Correspondence as of 02-19-2021 

Background on Caltrain Corridor
Grade Crossings & Seaprations

Policy Regarding Third Party Request
to Use Property Owned by JPB

Finance Committee Agenda Minutes  Clipper START Quarterly Update (PPT)
February 4
Board Agenda Packet
(p84 - cover memo - added 
1/28, 7pm)
#7 State & Legislative Update 

Correspondence as of 02-03-2021

Correspondence as of 01-29-2021

Correspondence as of 01-26-2021

Correspondence as of 01-22-2021

Correspondence as of 01-15-2021

 Correspondence as of 01-08-2021

January 27

 WPLP Committee Agenda  Minutes
Caltrain Business Strategy

January 25

 Finance Committee Agenda Minutes   



Amended Board Packet
1.5.21 11.45am

 Board Agenda Packet

#10 - Blue Ribbon Task Force/ 
Regional Transit Updates PPT

(posted 1/6 8.30am)

Correspondence as of 01-07-2021

Corrrespondence as of 01-06-2021

Correspondence as of 12-30-2020

Correspondence as of 12-18-2020

 Correspondence as of 12-11-2020

Agendas and Minutes are downloadable PDFs unless noted otherwise. 


2020 Meeting Dates Agenda Minutes/Audio Documents

December 23

11/15 11am
December 21

Finance Committee Agenda AMENDED
12/18 3pm

Finance Committee Agenda


December 3

Amended Board Packet
(-duplicate on previous packet p295 deleted
-minor change to p278)       

Board Packet Agenda

FY21 3rd and 4th Quarter Operating Budget and Amendment to the FY21 Capital Budget PowerPoint
(minor change to slide 6)

Correspondence as of 12-02-2020

Correspondence as of 11-25-2020

Correspondence as of 11-20-2020

Correspondence as of 11-13-2020

Correspondence as of 11-06-2020 

November 25 

WPLP Committee Agenda
(**CANCELLED 11/23 11am)

November 23

Finance Committee Agenda
(p39 amended 11/23 10.35am)

FY21 3rd and 4th Quarter Operating Budget and Amendment to the FY21 Capital Budget PowerPoint

JPB Finance AU-C 260 letter
(posted 11/30 9.45a)

JPB Finance Yellow Book Opinion letter (posted 11/30 9.45a)

JPB Finance Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) 2020
(posted 11/30 9.45a)


November 5

Board Agenda Packet
(p61& p64 amended 10/30 8am)

Independent Counsel PowerPoint
11/4  4.45pm

COVID Recovery Planning PowerPoint (amended)
11/4  4.45pm

Correspondence as of 11-04-2020

Correspondence as of 11-03-2020

Correspondence as of 10-30-2020

Correspondence as of 10-27-2020 

Correspondence as of 10-09-2020

 Correspondence as of 10-02-2020

October 28

 WPLP Committee Agenda
 #6. Atherton Station Closure Items

#9. COVID Recovery Planning PowerPoint

October 26

 Finance Committee Agenda
(p39 amended 11/23 10.30am)

FY21 3rd/4th Quarter Operating Budget and Amendment to the FY21 Capital Budget PowerPoint
(added 11/23 10.54am)

October 1


Special Meeting Agenda 
(to follow Board Meeting)
posted 9.30.20 at 8.30am

Board Agenda Packet 
(Amended to include p71-76)

9.27.20 10.40pm

 Board Agenda Packet
New EMU Car Virtual Tour 

VR Viewers


Item 5 - Budget Resolution Amended
(added 10.1.20 9.40a)

FY21 Capital & Operating Budget Presentation
(added 9.30.20 8.40pm)

Item 5 UPDATED - Adoption of FY21 Second Quarter Operating Budget and Amendment of the FY21 Capital Budget
(added 9.30.2020 8.40pm)

Item 9 -COVID Equity & Service Plan Update PPT

Correspondence as of 10-01-2020
(added 10.1.20 7.50a)

Correspondence as of 09-30-2020

Correspondence as of 09-25-2020

Correspondence as of 09-18-2020

Correspondence as of 09-11-2020


September 28

Finance Committee Agenda
(Amended to include p38-43) 9.27.20 10.40pm

Finance Committee Agenda 

Second Quarter 2021 Budget Presentation
added 9.28.20 10am

Adoption of Fiscal Year 2021 Second Quarter Operating Budget Full Packet
added 9.27.20 10.40pm


September 23

 WPLP Committee Meeting

September 3

Board Agenda Packet 
PPT on p199 replaced 9.1.20 4pm

Board Agenda Packet

FY21 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets PowerPoint
added 9.1.20 4pm

Correspondence as of 09-03-2020

Correspondence as of 09-02-2020 Part II 

Correspondence as of 09-02-2020

Correspondence as of 08-28-2020

Correspondence as of 08-25-2020

Correspondence as of 08-24-2020

Correspondence as of 08-14-2020

Correspondence as of 08-07-2020 

August 26

WPLP Committee Agenda
amended 8.24.20 (p9-10)

WPLP Committee Agenda



August 24

 Finance Committee Agenda  Minutes

Wabtec Maintenance and Services Agreement Board Presentation

FY2021 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets PPTadded 8.24.20 4.10pm

Contract to Purchase Electronic Bicycle Lockers added 8.24.20 4.10pm


August 6

Special JPB Meeting Agenda Packet, posted 08-04-2020 approx. 11:40 am

Updated Signed Joint Resolution Final, posted 08-04-20, approx. 12.40 pm

latest Board Agenda Packet
*amended 8.3.2020 10am to update Draft Equity PowerPoint Presentation (#10)*

Board Agenda Packet
*amended 8.1.2020 10pm
to include p222-225*

 2020-40 Caltrain Sales Tax Ballot Measure (full text of measure)

2020-41 Adopted Caltrain Sales Tax Ballot Measure (Call for Election)

2020-42 JPB Resolution on Governance

Caltrain Sales Tax Ballot Measure Consolidation Resolution
*updated 8.6.20 at 9.33am*

08-06-2020 JPB Meeting Item 9 Attachments , posted approx. 08-04-20, 12.30 pm

Draft equity connectivity recovery and growth framework - presentation
*updated 8.2.2020 10am*

San Mateo County Transit District approval of Sales Tax Ballot Measure under SB 797
*updated 8.1.2020 10pm*

Correspondence as of 08-06-2020
updated 8.6.20 at 8.10am

Correspondence as of 08-05-2020

Correspondence as of 07-31-2020

Correspondence as of 07-24-2020
*updated 07-24 4.49pm*

Correspondence as of 07-22-2020

Correspondence as of 07-21-2020

Correspondence as of 07-17-2020

Correspondence as of 07-10-2020 


July 27

*Amended title #6*
07-24-2020 3.30pm
Finance Committee Agenda

Finance Committee Agenda

July 22

WPLP Committee Agenda  Minutes  

July 9

Board Agenda Packet  Minutes
#9 SB 797 PPT updated (7.9.20 8am)

#10 COVID update - connectivity & growth PPT  (7.8.20 9.52p)

Special Counsel Report - JPB Governance & Financial History
(accompanying PowerPoint)

Correspondence as of 07-09-2020 (7.9.20 8a)

Correspondence as of 07-08-2020 (11am)
Correspondence as of 07-01-2020

Correspondence as of 06-26-2020

Correspondence as of 06-23-2020

Correspondence as of 06-19-2020

Correspondence as of 06-12-2020

Correspondence as of 06-05-2020 3.20p 

June 24

WPLP Committee Agenda  Minutes #7 - SB 797 Update

June 22

Finance Committee Agenda  Minutes   

June 4 

Board Agenda Packet  Minutes 

5h. (Updated) Law Enforcement Services Resolution and PowerPoint  as of 6.3.2020 1.30pm

#8a PPT - COVID-19 Update 
as of 6-2-2020 8am

#10 - Increase Discount for Caltrain Means Based Fare Pilot Program and Power Point   as of 6.3.2020 1.30pm

Correspondence as of 06-04-2020 8.20am

Correspondence as of 06-03-2020 8.40am

Correspondence as of 05-29-2020 3:45pm

Correspondence as of 05-26-2020 10.30am

Correspondence as of 05-25-2020, approx. 10.05 am

Correspondence as of 05-22-2020, approx. 4.50 pm

Correspondence as of 05-21-2020 

May 27

WPLP Committee Cancelled

May 26

Finance Committee Agenda Packet



#6 Attachment -  Statement of Revenue and Expense posted 05-25-20 approx. 9.45 am

#7. PPT-  Adoption of fiscal year 2021 interim operating budget and Fiscal year 2021 capital budget


May 7

Agenda Packet 



Correspondence as of 05-15-2020 2.50pm

Correspondence as of 05-07-2020 10.20am

Correspondence as of 05-07-2020 8.15a

Item 6a presentation posted 05-06-20 approx. 6 pm

Item 8a attachment, posted 05-06-20, approx. 6.07 pm

            Item 8a presentation, posted 05-06-20, posted approx. 6.15 pm

Correspondence as of 05-06-2020  9:00am

Correspondence as of 05-01-2020

Correspondence as of 04-24-2020 4pm

Correspondence as of 04-21-2020  5.17pm

Correspondence as of 04-17-2020 4:50pm

Correspondence as of 04-10-20 2pm 

April 27

Finance Committee Agenda Packet
updated 4.23.2020 11.37am

April 22

WPLP Committee Agenda Packet
April 2  Agenda Only - #4c Amended 3-30, 4pm

Agenda Packet 

Item #7a 25th Ave Grade Separation *updated* 04-02, 8.43am

Item #8 - Replace Fuel Hedging Policy 3-31, 1.50pm

Correspondence as of 04-03-2020 4:55pm

Correspondence as of 04-01-2020, 11.50am

Correspondence as of 03-31-20, 10:29am           

  Correspondence as of 03-27-2020, approx. 4 pm

Correspondence as of 03-25-2020 2.30p

Correspondence as of 3-23-2020 11.25am

Correspondence as of 3-20-2020

Correspondence as of 03-13-2020

Correspondence as of 3-6-2020 as of approx. 5.37pm 

 March 25, 2020
WPLP Committee Meeting Agenda
(via remote access only)
 amended 3-24, approx. 3 pm

Amended WPLP Committee Meeting Agenda only, as of 03-23-2020, approx. 4:12 pm

WPLP Committee Meeting Agenda
(via remote access only)

Agenda Packet 

Item #5 - Caltrain Business Plan updated 3.25 2.15p

Item #7 - Finance/Ridership Update due to COVID-19  3.25 2.15pm
 March 23, 2020 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
(via remote access only)



 Agenda Packet 
March 5
Board Special Session Meeting Agenda
(at 8:30 am)

            Amended Regular Agenda only as of
03-02-2020, approx. 9:10 am

Board Regular Meeting Agenda packet amended 3-4-20 (immediately following the
Closed Session Meeting) 

Special Minutes


Item#9b Senate Bill 797 as of 3-4-20, 3:40pm

Correspondence as of 3-4-2020

Correspondence as of 2-28-2020

Correspondence as of 2-21-2020 as of approx. 3.40pm

Correspondence as of 2-7-2020 as of approx. 4 pm 
February 26 WPLP Committee Agenda Packet


Item #6 Senate Bill 797 Presentation posted 02.26.2020, approx. 9.35 am
February 24  Finance Committee Agenda Packet  Minutes  
February 6 Special Closed Session Meeting Agenda (at  8:30 am)

            Regular Board Agenda Packet (following Closed Session Meeting)
Special Minutes

Item #9a TOD Policy - Rev. 2-5-2020 as of approx. 4.50 pm

Item #9a TOD Presentation

Correspondence as of 02-05-2020 approx. 8.54 pm

Correspondence as of 01-31-2020, as of approx. 12.10 pm

Correspondence as of 01-24-2020

Correspondence as of 01-17-2020 
 January 31
                        Corrected Special Board Meeting - Closed Session, 1-30-2020, posted approx. 8:05 am

Special Board Meeting - Closed Session
January 27 Finance Committee Agenda Packet (CANCELLED)  N/A CANCELLATION NOTICE as of 01-27-2020, 12.25 pm 
 January 22 WPLP Agenda Packet Audio

RCUP Presentation, posted 01-21-2020, approx. 4 pm
                        Correspondence as of 01-22-2020
TOD Policy posted 01-22-2020, approx. 1.30 pm
January 9 Board Agenda Packet
Caltrain Rail Corridor Use Policy (RCUP), pg. 7 revised on 01-06-2020

Caltrain Title VI Program Update Presentation

Caltrain Title VI Program Document (added on 01-03-2020)

Caltrain Rail Corridor Use Policy Presentation

Caltrain Rail Corridor Use Policy Document

Correspondence as of 1-3-2020, approx. 4.40 pm

Correspondence as of 12-20-2019, approx. 6.20 pm

Correspondence as of 12-18-2019, approx. 4.40 pm

Correspondence as of 12-13-2019, approx. 4 pm         

Correspondence as of 12-06-2019, approx. 3 pm
*Second Thursday
Agendas and Minutes are downloadable PDFs unless noted otherwise.


2019 Meeting Dates    Agenda
Minutes/Audio     Documents
December 23
Finance Committee Agenda Packet
 December 19

WPLP Amended Agenda Packet, posted 12.18.19, approx. 2:30 pm

Work Program Legislative Planning (WPLP) Committee Meeting Agenda

Minutes  Item 5 - Adoption of 2019 title VI Program

Item 6 - Draft Caltrain Rail Corridor Use Policy
Item 7 -  Draft Transit Oriented Development Policy
December 5  Board Agenda packet   

 Board Agenda packet, amended
12-02-2019, approx. 1 pm

Correspondence as 12-04-2019, approx. 9 am

CAC Draft 11-20-2019 Meeting Minutes, posted 12-02-2019

Presentation and Attachment re. Conclusions from Special 11-21-2019 meeting, posted 12-02-2019

Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan Presentation
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for FY 2019
South San Francisco Station Improvement Presentation
Correspondence as of 11-27-2019 
   Correspondence as of 11-22-2019 
November 26 Work Program Legislative Planning (WPLP) Committee Meeting Audio 

Agenda only 
November 25 Finance Committee Meeting (Cancelled) N/A
Cancellation Notice (Corrected), posted 11-25-19
Agenda only
November 21 Special Meeting/Study Session, 9 am to 1 pm.   Audio  Location: Mavericks Event Center, 107 Broadway Avenue, Half Moon Bay, CA 


Meeting Handout

Correspondence as of 11-20-2019, 4.33 pm

Correspondence as of 11-15-2019, 4 pm
November 7   Meeting Cancellation Notice

Board Monthly Reports
Correspondence as of 11-01-2019, 8 am                    
 Correspondence as of 11-08-2019, 3pm
October 30  Work Program Legislative Planning Committee Cancellation Notice, corrected

October 28      Finance Committee Meeting Cancellation Notice N/A

October 3 Agenda Packet Minutes
Broadband Wireless Communications

Caltrain Business Plan Long Range Vision
Overview of FASTER Bay Area

Correspondence as of 09-6-2019
 Correspondence as of 09-13-2019
Correspondence as of 09-20-2019
Correspondence as of 09-27-2019
Correspondence as of 10-1-2019
Correspondence as of 10-04-2019
Correspondence as of 10-11-2019
Correspondence as of 10-18-2019
Correspondence as of 10-25-2019
September 25 WPLP Committee Agenda Packet Audio


September 23 Finance Committee Agenda Packet - Revised 9-20-2019

Broadband Wireless Communications Design
September 5 Agenda Packet Minutes ARINC Maintenance and Support Services

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Extension and Addition of Contract Capacity to the Planning On-Call Contract

Turbo Data Systems, Inc. Proof of Payment

Proposed Fare Changes

Submission of the JPB's Regional Transportation Plan Project to MTC

2019 Annual Passenger Count

Correspondence as of 08-2-2019
Correspondence as of 08-8-2019
Correspondence as of 08-16-2019
Correspondence as of 08-23-2019
Correspondence as of 08-30-2019
Correspondence as of 09-4-2019
August 28 WPLP Committee
Notice of Cancellation

August 26 Finance Committee
Agenda Packet

    Extension and Adoption of Contract Capacity to the Planning On-Call Contract

ARINC Maintenance and Support Services

Turbo Data Systems, Inc. Proof of Payment

Proposed Fare Changes
August 1 Agenda Packet                         Minutes Caltrain Business Plan 

Caltrain Proposed Fare Changes
Correspondence as of 07-19-2019
Correspondence as of 07-26-2019
Correspondence as of 07-31-2019
July 26
 Finance Committee
Agenda Packet
(Amended 7/24/19)

                        Minutes    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Proposed Fare Changes
July 24 WPLP Committee 
Agenda Packet
Caltrain Business Plan
July 11* Agenda Packet 
(Amended 7/8/19)
                        Minutes            Update on the San Jose Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan

Caltrain Business Plan Update

25th Avenue Grade Separation Project

2019 Annual Passenger Count

Correspondence as of 06-26-2019

Correspondence as of 07-10-2019
June 6

Special Meeting

Agenda Packet

Special Minutes

Findings & Award of Energy Service Contract for Energy-efficient Lighting Retrofit at Caltrain Stations

Electric Train Reconfiguration & Bike Improvements at Caltrain Stations

San Jose Diridon Station

Fiscal Year 2020 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets

Correspondence as of 05-30-2019

Correspondence as of 06-4-2019
May 2 Notice of Cancellation of Special Meeting

  Agenda Packet
                        Minutes Caltrain Business Plan - April 2019

Notice of a Public Hearing on Energy Service Contracts for Energy-efficient Lighting Retrofit at Caltrain Stations
Caltrain Business Plan - Quarterly Update - May 2019

          FY2020 Preliminary Operating and Capital Budgets

Executive Summary Survey of Likely Voters

Correspondence as of 04-25-2019
April 4 Agenda Packet   Minutes                        
25th Avenue Grade Separation

Correspondence as of 03-27-2019

Key Caltrain Performance Statistics - Ridership
March 7 Special Meeting

Agenda Packet
Special Minutes

          Update and Discussion on Plans and Policies Influencing the Use of JPB Property

Update on TIRCP Project: EMU Configuration & Bike Improvements at Stations

Update on 25th Avenue Grade Separation

FY2019 Rail Operations Performance

FY2019 Safety and Security Performance

Correspondence as of 02-28-2019
February 7 Agenda Packet Minutes Regional Means-Based Fare Pilot Program

San Jose Diridon Station

FY 2019 Q1 Rail Operations Performance

Quarterly Safety & Security Performance Review FY 2019 Q1 

    Correspondence as of 01-31-2019
January 10* Special Meeting

Agenda packet
Special Minutes


   Caltrain Business Plan Quarterly Update

Update and Discussion on Plans and Policies Influencing Use of JPB Property

FY 2019 1st Quarter Rail Operations Performance

FY 2019 Quarterly Safety and Security Performance

Correspondence as of 01-3-2019

*Second Thursday
Agendas and Minutes are downloadable PDFs unless noted otherwise.

View past Board of Directors Agendas and Minutes HERE.

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